When I walked into the massive lobby of Twelve Cowboys Way, the first thing I noticed is that it smells like a Neiman Marcus spa. More accurately, how I imagine a Neiman Marcus spa smells. Twelve’s marketing materials don’t mention the olfactory appeal. Perhaps they should. Outside the elevators, a jovial Schnauzer greeted me with the gusto of a dog that just discovered his new home has a dedicated pet elevator and an onsite dog park.

The elevator doors open to reveal a blown up photo of Roger Staubach making a pass.

In a recent five year period, Texas received a net gain of around 100,000 people from California. Put in simpler terms, everyone in California wants to move to Texas and many are narrowing in on Collin County. Not to generalize, but a lot of Californians are used to paying rent amounts akin to college tuition. 

Jerry Jones and Roger Staubach are here for them. They’ve just put their collective thumbprints on another shiny chunk of Dallas-Fort Worth real estate. The joint venture, called Twelve Cowboys Way, is a 17-story luxury residential tower overlooking the 91-acre campus of The Star, the Dallas Cowboys’ world headquarters and practice facility. Tenants started moving in last weekend. 

The units start at $2700 and range from 800 square-foot one-bedrooms to 3200-square-foot penthouses. These are all leased. You’ll have to make a friend.

The model I viewed, on the sixth floor, was in the process of being converted into an actual residence. What happened was, a guy took a tour and decided he wanted—nay, needed—that particular view. So they gave it to him. The balcony is roughly the size of an Applebee’s. The views are incredible.

Each unit in the building features quartz countertops, wine refrigerators, floor-to-ceiling windows and smartphone-controlled thermometers. I am roaming around transfixed but feel like I should have taken my shoes off. Actress Portia di Rossi’s art company is furnishing the building with non-football paintings.

Should you rent at Twelve (Californian or not), you will receive a membership at Cowboys Fit across the street. My tour guide describes it as “like a country club without the golf.” There’s also a covered pool and an onsite workout facility. It too smells like Neiman Marcus.

The perks don’t end there. Living at Twelve means you’ll get bumped up on the season ticket waitlists. You—and of course, your visitors from California—will receive deep discounts at the Omni Frisco, which is within spitting distance of your balcony. The Omni can bring room service to your door should you get a hankering for eggs Benedict, on account of the spitting distance part. On designated days, you’ll get to watch the Cowboys practice at The Star. You get to tour The Star and AT&T Stadium for free. 

Before I left, I asked if any of the mammoth units were available to look at. They were not. I considered sulking, but got re-enraptured by that panoramic view. I could almost see the curvature of the earth. Or maybe it was Plano.

Tours are available exclusively by appointment. Contact twelve@dallascowboys.net | 817.892.4423 | twelvecowboysway.com

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is a freelance writer in Dallas. She has written for a number of publications, including the Dallas Observer, D Magazine, and Rolling Stone.