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The cast of Andi Boi, from left: Zander Pryor, Matthew Alan Holmes, Christopher Lew, Raven Lawes and Theresa Kellar | Photo credit: Karen Almond

With scientific studies proving that sexuality and gender exist on a spectrum, and with more children identifying as queer or transgender, it is important that children see this type of representation in art and media. This winter, Dallas Children’s Theater will produce a new play, Andi Boi, focused on transgender awareness. 

In 2016, The Williams Institute, a research group, released a study that utilized a population-based survey system in order to gain a better understanding of the population of adults identifying as transgender. They found that 0.6 percent of adults, about 1.4 million people, identify as transgender in the United States.

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Andi Boi tells the story of a transgender teen entering his first day of school identifying as a male. When the teacher takes role, his peers hear his last name and recall it, however, they can’t help but notice something different about him, which keeps the dots connecting clearly in their minds. Later, the students and teachers realize that the boy is transgender. Everyone reacts differently, which will open the floor for conversation.

Andi Boi is inspired by a true story. According to an email from Dallas Children’s Theater, the story is told “with a sensitivity toward Andi and uses wit, heart, and warmth to help audiences find their way to greater compassion and awareness.”

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This new production is written and directed by Bruce R. Coleman. comes in partnership with First Unitarian Church of Dallas and will co-produced with Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Andi Boi will run from February 7-16. Following each show, there will be conversations with subject matter resources. To purchase tickets, visit

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