The demand for coding and programming skills in the workplace is higher than ever. Luckily, a new education center in Frisco is helping people get started at a young age. At Code Ninjas, students can learn Javascript, LUA and C# all while designing video games. Code Ninjas is open year-round, allowing each student to take lessons and learn to code at their own pace.

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Each student at Code Ninjas learns to code via their engaging game-based curriculum, which is designed to foster teamwork, logic, math and problem-solving. 

“I’ve seen how coding education improves lives,” said founder David Graham in a statement on the Code Ninjas website. “Every child should have the opportunity to learn to code, and have a great time doing it. That’s what Code Ninjas is all about.” 

Code Ninjas offers a variety of programs, including video game design and robotics. Similar to the advancement system in karate, each student will have the opportunity in which they can advance from “white belt to black belt,” or receive color-coded wristbands to symbolize their achievements. Students will receive lessons in a state-of-the-art dojo and learn from code senseis on staff. They will work among like-minded students and build friendships, as opposed to playing on the computer in an isolated setting.

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Students of Code Ninjas can also participate in camps on select dates. Parents can also drop off their kids on certain nights, that way they can have a night out on the town while their child remains productive.

For more information on signing up for coding classes, visit

Code Ninjas

252 W Stonebrook Parkway #700, Frisco

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