While Jerry Jones seems to be putting out fires left and right, he can at least do so in style now. The Frisco Fire Department has revealed their latest purchase; a firetruck bedecked in Dallas Cowboys fashion. The Cowboys firetruck serves as Truck 3 of the Frisco Fire Department and is painted in white and blue. It contains the Dallas Cowboys’ famous star logo and is bedecked with state-of-the-art accouterments.

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The Cowboys firetruck has a Pierce Ascendant 100-foot Aeriel Mid-Mount Ladder and it is the first truck in the state of Texas to have such a ladder. The ladder -can tilt 6 degrees when necessary, ideal for high angle rescue emergencies. The truck also has a 2,000-gallons-per-minute water pump and a 2,000 GPM waterway. It carries both water and fire fighting foam.

The truck is designed to reduce exposure to carcinogens and other cancerous agents, as it has little HVAC particle circulation and easy-to-clean seats and interiors. 

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The truck was purchased for $1.47 million, however, the Cowboys customization did not cost extra, according to city officials. 

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