This past Wednesday, Toyota USA Headquarters in Plano unveiled its new Toyota Experience Center at a media event on the Legacy campus. The Toyota Experience Center spans across 44,000 square feet and showcases inventions of the company’s past and present. Additionally, attendees of Toyota Experience Center will also get a glimpse of the technology leading the auto company into the future.

While the Toyota Experience Centers factions and components may fit the description of those of a museum, Toyota Motor North America CEO Jim Lentz prefers not to refer to it as such, but rather as an homage to the company’s 60-year history.

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Upon entering the Toyota Experience Center, guests will find vintage models from the company’s early days. Along the walls, they will find facts and anecdotes pertaining to Toyota’s history. Moving further in, guests will also see current Toyota models, as well as upcoming models for 2020, and get an inside look at what makes each Toyota model so advanced and so futuristic compared to other automakers.

Vintage automobiles by Toyota in the entryway at Toyota Experience Center | Image courtesy of Toyota USA

Towards the end of the museums, guests will be able to explore new kind of technology behind the Toyota Support Robot. The Toyota Support Robot is a controlled machine with cameras and speakers, designed to accommodate children who are too ill to attend school. With this technology, children will be able to learn and participate in class with the same access as their peers.

A look at the Toyota Support Robot | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

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As of now, Toyota Experience Center is only open to employees of Toyota, who are allowed to bring guests.

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