This week, a longtime film staple in central Plano shut its doors after 25 years. Cinemark Movies 10, better known as the “dollar movies” will be receiving a facelift.

Although Movies 10 was known for screening movies long after their theatrical release and shortly before their release on home formats, and at a discounted rate, the new cinema will screen the latest films immediately upon their release. Moviegoers will be able to watch these films in a more comfortable setting, with adjustable, heat-controlled seats.

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“We’re taking all 10 auditoriums and we’re renovating them with top of the line Luxury Loungers,” said Nick Vedda, Marketing Manager of Cinemark USA. “With these luxury loungers, we’re getting reserved seating. You’ll be able to go online ahead of time and pick the exact seats you want. It takes the stress and uncertainty out of movie-going.”

Cinemark Movies 10 will have Luxury Loungers in all 10 auditoriums | Image courtesy of Cinemark USA

Unfortunately, the new theater will not be selling tickets at a cheap rate, for which it was previously known, however, deals for students, senior citizens and teachers will be available on certain days.

In addition to the new seating in the auditoriums, as well as more convenient ticket buying process, guests of the theater will find more upscale amenities immediately upon entering the theater.

In the lobby, guests will be able to purchase soft drinks, Pizza Hut pizza, popcorn and other movie theater concessions. Guests will also be able to purchase beer, wine and frozen cocktails.

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“We’re only gone for a little while, but we’ll be back very soon,” Vedda said. “This will be a great new neighborhood theater with the best amenities you can enjoy. You’ll be able to see all of the latest movies the way you want to.”

Cinemark Movies 10 is slated to re-open between mid-October and early November.

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