Let them eat cake! Wedding cake is a delicacy of its own, so you definitely want to have a good one. Browse this list of custom cake bakeries to find the perfect wedding cake for your special day.

Layered | layeredtx.com

This popular McKinney kitchen also provides custom cakes for special events. Using inspiration from your invitations, dresses, décor, flowers and other elements of your wedding, Layered dreams up cake ideas that fit your day perfectly.

Ruthi Hutson Cakes | ruthihutsoncakes.com

Ruthi Hutson specializes in all things buttercream. She makes wedding cakes that look like works of art without compromising on taste, so no fondant allowed. She offers paleo and vegan options, and also provides free delivery for any wedding in Collin County, Van Alstyne or Gunner.

Sweet Art Bakery | sweetartbakery.com

This bakery makes beautiful bride’s cakes, but many of their testimonials rave about their super cool groom’s cakes. Wow your guests with a cake modeled after a Dallas Stars hockey puck, the state of Texas, an airplane, a college football stadium or a Nintendo. They’ve even made a cake that looks like a client’s dog—talk about customization.

The Butterfly Cake Factory | butterflycakery.com

The Butterfly Cake Factory specializes in wedding cakes only. It is run by a mother-daughter duo—one is an artist and the other is a traditional English baker—who also offer cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons and cookies.

The Donut Kitchen | thedonutkitchen.com

Many couples have been opting for a donut wall instead of a groom’s cake (or you can have both—we won’t judge). The Donut Kitchen creates gourmet donuts that you can order in bulk. With flavors like maple bacon, Italian wedding, key lime pie and banana pudding, these donuts are just as delicious as they are pretty.

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The Rosemary Bakery | therosemarybakery.com

Using local and organic ingredients without GMOs, dyes or preservatives, The Rosemary Bakery creates simple and delicious cakes, pastries and breads. The designs are simple and fresh. With a familial atmosphere and homemade twists, they make wedding cakes that look effortless and taste amazing, like something your grandmother would make.

Fancy Cakes by Lauren | fancycakesbylauren.com

Since founding Fancy Cakes by Lauren in 2000, Lauren Kitchens has brought to life approximately 8,500 cakes. Her portfolio includes groom’s cakes like a Millenium Falcon and a Yoda cake, as well as bride’s cakes, from simple three-tier adorned with flowers to match the bride’s bouquet, to an eight-tier cake cascading with blooms.

Fancy Cakes by Lauren | Photo: Sara Donaldson

With cake, you must have food! Check out these Collin County caterers that make your wedding plans easier and more delicious.

Blue Mesa Grill | 8200 Dallas Pkwy., Plano | bluemesagrill.com

You may have enjoyed lunch or dinner at one of Blue Mesa’s dine-in locations before, but did you know they also cater events? Catering services include plates, flatware, cloth napkins and serving utensils. They offer several choices of Mexican-inspired fare, but your guests will rave about their street taco buffet.

Chef’s Creations | 15922 Eldorado Pkwy. Ste. 500-814, Frisco | chefscreations.net

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated plated meal or a waffle cone filled with fried chicken, Chef’s Creations will provide food that not only tastes good, but looks good too. They specialize in presentation, serving all dishes in a creative way.

Hot Shots Catering | 118 B Rose Ln. # 104, Frisco | hotshotscatering.com

This unconventional caterer brings specialty drink bars to events in the DFW metroplex served by qualified baristas. Choose from a latte bar, Italian soda bar, frappe bar, nitro coffee bar or hot chocolate bar. They even have a gelato bar, which is the perfect late-night reception treat.

JC Bartending, Inc. | jcbartending.com

If you’re planning to have a bar at your wedding (open or cash), you’ll need to have bartenders that are licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. JC Bartending’s staff is all TABC licensed and highly trained with reasonable rates. They use a DIY model that allows you to purchase specific alcohol ahead of time, and they offer a flat hourly rate for their services.

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Plano BBQ Catering | 5509 St. Andrews Ct., Plano | planobbqcatering.com

For 15 years, Plano BBQ Catering has been providing weddings in Dallas-Fort Worth with pulled pork, potato salad, iced tea and lemonade (and much more). Using high quality meats and rubs, this family-owned business makes everything in-house from scratch. They’ve made quite a name for themselves by participating in (and winning) several barbeque competitions in the state.

Taverna Rossa | 4005 Preston Rd. #512, Plano | tavernarossa.com

Who doesn’t like pizza or beer? Or pizza and beer? Taverna Rossa is a popular Italian-style restaurant and event caterer serving both craft pizza and craft brews on-tap. Using local ingredients like Texas Wagyu, tomatoes from Canton, and smoked brisket and applewood-smoked bacon from Hamm’s Meat Market in McKinney, your guests will be going back for another slice. Or two.

Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts | 8200 Preston Rd. Ste. 135, Plano | trewilcox.com

Tre Wilcox is an executive chef with a highly skilled team that allows you to create your menu from scratch. Orchestrating both seated and buffet-style events, they don’t prepare any food ahead of time, but instead bring all of their fresh ingredients to the venue and prepare meals either in front of guests or in the kitchen prior to the festivities.

Originally published as part of the February 2019 Wedding Guide

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