If you haven’t made your way to the brand new foodie hotspot in Frisco, The Aussie Grind, then you need to put it on top of your list of priorities.

Restaurant owners, native Aussies and husband and wife team, Lui and Angie are serving up the tastiest coffees and some seriously adventurous grub on the daily.

They would know a thing or two about craft coffee and quality food since Lui has been a part of the food service industry his whole entire life. He grew up working in his family’s food service business where he first met his now wife, Angie, who had been hired on to work for them.

That’s what you can expect when you visit their restaurant. They, along with their staff, will make certain you feel like you’re a part of the family. When Angie comes to sit and talk with you, it’s impossible not to be drawn in to her joyful energy and charm. They’re happy to be here and they’re happy to meet their patrons.  They’ve overcome quite a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles just to bring their Australian business over to American soil, so you will find heaping amounts of gratitude and a warm welcome whenever you visit!

Angie and lui

These wonderful people have set out with a purpose. Just like their business in Australia, their goal is to serve quality food and craft coffee with an extra shot of community and togetherness. Aussies from all over Texas are easing their homesick hearts with this establishment. Some gather in caravans, traveling hours just to have that taste of home and familiarity, and what they find doesn’t disappoint. Locals flock to this family-friendly business and find themselves staying for more than just the food and drink. All are welcome and encouraged to gather and dine in this Koala-decked environment. With bright, clean, aesthetics, a modern farmhouse feel, and pops of color here and there, this space accurately reflects the good nature and spunk of its owners.

At first glance, The Aussie Grind may look like just another coffee shop taking up residence in the Frisco area. One peek at the menu will prove otherwise. From well known staples like Fish N’ Chips—which was my hands down favorite item so far—to their eye-catching, drool-inducing hot cakes, you’re bound to find something. The hotcakes breakfast consist of warm and fluffy cakes saddled up on the freshest berry compote I’ve ever had—you might want to order extra to go. It’s that good—layered with a generous scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream, and topped with whimsical fairy floss (cotton candy). It’s an absolutely brilliant combination.

The Fish N’ Chips were in a league of their own. Coming to you piping hot and daring you to burn your mouth instead of practicing patience, these lightly battered wild caught cod filets are served on a bed of golden, fragrant rosemary fries (chips). The standard accoutrements of malt vinegar, tartar sauce, ketchup—or “tomato sauce” if you’re an Aussie—and fresh lemon wedges are all available  so you can season your fried fish just the way you like.  Breakfast is served all day and they offer a variety of proteins such as lamb, salmon, shrimp and steak. The dessert menu is out of this world and if you’re looking for something a little lighter, you can always opt for one of their vibrant and flavorful fresh juices. If coffee is more your thing, Lui has you covered. With over a million coffees under his belt, your daily grind just got pretty consistent.

If you’re anything like me and your sweet spot is that trifecta of service—great food, great service, great space—then you’re in luck. The Aussie Grind has it all and more.

3930 Preston Rd. #120, Frisco | 469.428.0966 | theaussiegrind.com