“The Fluff Factory ships gourmet cotton candy nationwide from their Little Elm headquarters. It’s all organic, vegan and gluten-free, and from Pink Vanilla to Watermelon, each cotton comes in bright colors and vanishes on your tongue. We’re partial to their blue raspberry, tangy with an extra punch of sweetness.”
Sugar Rush

The Fluff Factory’s fresh-spun cotton candy—in flavors like pink vanilla, strawberry, blue raspberry, green apple, grape, orange, banana, watermelon, bubble gum, cherry, vanilla bean, piña colada—is hard not to love. The gourmet flavors get even more complicated. If, for some reason, you’ve ever wanted to try bacon-flavored cotton candy, The Fluff Factory can make it happen.

While they ship nationwide, the Fluff Factory is close to home in Little Elm. The Fluff Factory’s signature cotton candies can be spun fresh, using their signature blend of organic sugars, and can come with decadent toppings, like sprinkles, Oreos, peanut butter cups, Pop rocks and even edible glitter.

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We love The Fluff Factory because they offer a modern spin on sugar spinning, taking it from a fair treat to a gourmet experience. Even though there isn’t a physical storefront, theatre-worthy popcorn, and gourmet cotton candy push pops, cotton candy cones and negligible calories all make The Fluff Factory worthy of inclusion on the list. As far as catering goes for a wedding, or another big event, The Fluff Factory leaves a lasting impression.

Also, they make glow in the dark cotton candy (by spinning it around glow sticks, basically), and it’s amazing. There’s really no way to go wrong here.

Originally featured as part of our April 2019 feature “Sugar Rush: the 52 best desserts in and around Collin County

The Fluff Factory, Little Elm | theflufffactory.com