You may not feel like a movie star walking into Johnny Rodriguez The Salon at Legacy West but you will by the time you leave. With a flagship location on Lovers Lane in Dallas, Johnny Rodriguez The Salon is now open at Legacy West and he’s there to make you feel beautiful.

When it comes to hair and, most importantly, making his clients feel amazing, Johnny is the expert.

Walking into Johnny Rodriguez The Salon, I was a rundown, slightly bedraggled mother of two small children, business owner and executive editor of a media company in the midst of an exciting rebrand: Local Profile of Collin County. Waltzing out, I was transformed, I was me again: a beautiful confident woman ready to take on the world. Everyone—from friends, family and colleagues to my darling kiddos—have noticed, and commented on, the difference.

So, is Johnny Rodriguez a magician with the scissors? Maybe, but that’s not his secret. His magic is in really getting to know his clients and then giving them the haircut that suits their look, but above all, that suits their lifestyle.

For example, we talked a lot about my hair care routine: I style using a Conair Hot Air Styler to create a somewhat coiffed appearance. It takes less than 10 minutes and often the process is overlooked by my hyperactive toddler who likes to dig around in my jewelry drawer. It’s quick, easy and it’s all that I can manage right now.

We then discussed length and Johnny suggested a few options that would work best for my face shape. Side note: Johnny believes everyone can wear all kinds of hair lengths, so if you’ve been told “never to go short” but are yearning to give it a try: Johnny’s your man.

In my case, the resulting cut was more perfect than any other stylist has ever managed. It’s layered but hangs long in the front, framing my face perfectly while also being easy to tie back: perfect for handling diaper blowouts and toddler tantrums. We also did a full head of highlights to lift my color and give me back my va-va-vroom!

Legacy West Podcast Feat. Johnny Rodriguez

I recently interviewed Johnny Rodriguez for the Legacy West Podcast. Click here to listen to us chat everything from how Johnny started out working in his uncle’s barber shop to bangs and the best martinis in Legacy West.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

You’re invited! Grand Opening of Johnny Rodriguez The Salon

In celebration of their opening at Legacy West in Plano Johnny Rodriguez The Salon invites you to their Grand Opening party. Come mix, mingle, eat, drink and get to know the incredible Johnny Rodriguez team.

When: Thursday, April 4, 4-8 p.m.


Johnny Rodriguez The Salon
7500 Windrose Avenue, Suite B193
Plano, Texas 75024


(214) 987-1919

Rebecca Silvestri

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