Your workout routine just became a whole lot hotter. In May, Hotworx will open a location in Richardson, offering a variety of hot yoga and infrared workout classes. Open on a 24/7 basis, Hotworx will offer classes taught by a virtual instructor.

The virtual instructors include Aaron Murphy, who is a certified nutritionist with additional certifications in re natal/postpartum, TRX STC and golf wellness; Amee Fisher, a certified personal trainer, myofascial therapist and sports nutrition specialist with over 10 years experience; Emilya Washeleski, a competitive equestrian and yoga instructor; Tori Cowen, winner of Miss Florida 2014 and previously third alternate to Miss America; and Victoria Jameson Krath, a model, pageant competitor and professional makeup artist, who previously placed in the top 10 at at Miss Earth USA where she won the HOTWORX Swimsuit award.

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The Hotworx virtual instructors will incorporate isometrics and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) methods into their workouts. Through isometrics, muscles act against each other, or against a fixed object. Yoga and pilates are examples of isometric exercises. The HIIT workout is a 15-minute routine consisting of a cycle or row.

The heat is said to have many benefits, including an increase in the speed of one’s metabolism. The infrared technologies help activate regenerative processes within the body, thus accelerating one’s recovery speed.

Hotworx has previously been featured on daytime talk show “The Doctors,” where previous clients gave the infrared virtual workout company rave reviews, noting that it helped them burn calories, increase strength and flexibility, and reduce stress.

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Hotworx is slated to open in Richardson in mid-May.


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