Feeding baby. Changing baby. Rocking baby. Feeding toddler. Screaming toddler. Chasing toddler. All the dishes. All the laundry. All the cleaning. And recleaning. All the husband. ALL THE EVERYTHING.

When I was asked if I would be interested in “enjoying some time at a new spa…” “H. YES.” I was all in. My first time to have an uninterrupted moment to myself in seven. whole. months.

Now, before I had kids and true responsibility, I enjoyed spa-ing on the regular. Most vacations, most hotels, most special events revolved around where the chicest spa was, where the best amenities were located, where could I truly unwind. So while I’m not a Licensed Spa Expert, I am a Spa Snob.

Culture A Day Spa, located in Frisco in the Stonebriar District is my kind of place. Owner Katelin Schebler has gone above and beyond to provide a place or tranquility and relaxation. I was immediately hit with soft aromas of lavender as I walked through the door; the gentle rhythm of waterfalls and instrumentals filtered through the speakers; and a soothing palette of whites, grays, and silver interiors completed the ambiance. So far, so great.

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Relaxation Lounge at Culture A Day Spa, Frisco

Before I started my treatments I was allowed some time to unwind in the most comfortable of robes in the Relaxation Lounge (technology free…no phones!) while enjoying a cup of hot tea and nibbles of chocolate. After flipping through a magazine for a few minutes, my therapist was ready to work her magic. And she did. I had a 50 minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage that rocked my world. My miracle worker, Kelsey, rubbed, scrubbed, and kneaded until my muscles felt somewhat flexible again and my skin felt gloriously supple (an awesome bonus of the hot Himalayan Salt Stones…Mother Nature’s own exfoliate). I could have done with another 50 minutes, because I’m greedy like that, but it was time to leave the cozy cocoon that has been purposefully designed for all treatment rooms and head to my facial.

Couple’s Treatment Room at Culture A Day Spa, Frisco

Katelin, who is a licensed esthetician, was giving me my 80 min Ageless Caviar Facial. I can admit that I was in desperate need of some skin TLC. It had been four years since my last proper facial. There was work to be done. Katelin steamed, cleansed, extracted, exfoliated, massaged and moisturized my face until it literally glowed. My skin was plump. My skin was hydrated. My skin was flawless. There is real truth to the “Ageless” in the name.

While my experience was more than I could have asked for, I am happy to tell you that the experience doesn’t have to end with just treatments. I did not have time to enjoy all the amenities of the spa, because kids, but I thought I’d share with you a few of the other features that can be enjoyed:

Couples’ Room – A luxuriously private room for two where you are both able to unwind and relax while you enjoy side by side massages and body treatments. After the service, an oversized hydrotherapy shower featuring dual shower heads may be added on to your experience.

Dining room – A private room tastefully decorated with a crystal chandelier, formal place settings, and white linens. Guests are provided a spa dining menu that can be customized to their requests.

Allergy Relief Service – A popular and unique Spring treatment for allergy sufferers that entails a neck, scalp and facial massage. This treatment will relieve pressure while incorporating a stimulating blend of natural oils and extracts to open nasal passages and aid in decongestion.

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Services include a full menu of massage therapy, facials, and body treatments. Enhancements can be added on to treatments for an upgraded experience. Spa packages are available for those who are blessed enough to have the time. Makeup, waxing, and lash services are offered as well.

Culture A Day Spa also carries its own line of skincare called KS Esthetics created and developed by Katelin. These products are cosmeceutical grade and are highly effective at enhancing the appearance of the skin. Katelin has made sure that each product performs at its highest level without using harmful additives.

I can honestly say that I was revived walking out the door. I looked good, I felt good, and for a hot minute, I even fooled myself into thinking I’d had a full nights rest.

Culture A Day Spa

3266 Parkwood Blvd. Ste 120
Frisco, TX 75034