Foodie: 1. A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. 2. A person who enjoys eating food, unlike everyone else, who hates food, thinks it’s disgusting, and would never consider eating it.

According to the City of Plano there more full-service restaurants per every 10,000 residents in Plano than in San Francisco. Thus, regardless of how redundant the term “foodie” may actually be, I still consider myself to be one and my bet is that you do too. 

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So, let’s talk food. Here’s a quick run-down of my favorite local restaurants and dishes, in no particular order.

  1. Whiskey Cake. Love at first taste. It’s been over three years and Whiskey Cake still ranks as one of my favorite restaurants. Drink: Little Rye Lies. Eat: Local Goat Cheese Fondue and the Whiskey Cake. Because if a restaurant is named after it’s cake, you have to eat that cakewith a whiskey or two.
  2. Patina Green Home & Market. Hands-down the best sandwiches in the world. Almost certainly. In downtown McKinney, Chef Robert Lyford uses real food, local ingredients and pickling to make magic. Read our gushing review here. 
  3. Sourdough Bread Deli. Located in a strip mall where 15th St. meets Plano Parkway, Cyrus, a chef from Iran, bakes his own sourdough bread daily. Sandwich options include Reuben, tuna, chicken parmesan and tilapia. They are all delicious. A recent new favorite is the Sausage and Pepper sandwich with greasy sausage, sauteed onion and green pepper and melted cheese, it’s incredible. Check out our 10 essential Collin County sandwiches here.
  4. Cheddar Fries at Heritage Table in Frisco. House-cut fries, topped with house-made ranch, fresh jalapeños, scallions and bacon. Warning: You will never want to eat cheese fries elsewhere again. They also have the best fried pies in Texas. Keep reading here. 
  5. Khao Soi at Mango Thai. A hot and spicy Thai soup that’s perfect for cold rainy days. Not available for lunchunless you ask nicely.
  6. JC’s Burger House. The original JC’s Burger House is right across the street from the Plano Profile office. It’s convenient and it tastes good. And, if you’re up for a challange of Texas proportions, click here for the scoop on their Toddzilla challenge.
  7. KĀI. In Highland Park Village, Lounge 31 is a bar that serves exceptional sushi. With KĀI, Alberto Lombardi has replicated that concept and brought it to Legacy West.
  8. True Food Kitchen. Sadly not on the menu right now, but when they have it, the mushroom pizza at True Food Kitchen is my favorite pizza in town. Dough Pizzeria Plano is a very close second.
  9. Home. Because yes, I fancy myself a halfway decent chef. Not currently accepting reservations.