peppa pig world of play, grapevine mills
Peppa Pig World of Play, Grapevine Mills

The first thing you need to know about Peppa Pig World of Play at Grapevine Mills is that it’s every bit as awesome as you would hope. You will love it and, more importantly, your kids will too. You might just cry, it’s that awesome.

Peppa Pig World of Play opened this past weekend. Their soft opening event runs through February 19 and tickets are available online here.

As a Brit and the mom of a toddler, I jumped at the chance to get a preview of the hottest new family attraction to open in Dallas/Fort Worth. While I did my fair share of jumping in muddy puddles and speaking in an exaggerated British accent, I took a lot of photos and a lot of notes to bring you this comprehensive look inside.

Ride with Miss Rabbit at the entrance to Peppa Pig World of Play

Upon arrival, Miss Rabbit “drives” you into the attraction via a big red bus. In reality, it’s a pretend bus that you walk through but it’s a pretty cute start nonetheless. The bus even has hand rings which is something British buses have for passengers who are standing to hang on to. From there, you get the chance to pose in front of a green screen for a fun photo you can buy at the end.

A few more steps and you’ll feel like you have stepped into your television screen and into an episode of Peppa Pig. At this point your eyes will widen, your heart will skip a beat and you’ll find yourself feeling the kind of excitement you haven’t felt since you were a child. By the time you come to your senses, your toddler will likely have disappeared into Grandad Dog’s Garage and will be racing around a small hill on a tricycle or maybe they’ll be jumping in muddy puddles or taking Grandpa Pig’s car for a spin. If they’ve found George’s Fort or Rebecca Rabbit’s Underground Adventure you may have lost them completely, but don’t panic each child is given a wrist band with their name and your cell phone so if you do get separated, Peppa Pig World has your covered.

Once you’ve had chance to explore, you’ll find Peppa Pig World of Play has 13 distinct play areas (plus party rooms) and each one designed in the exact look and feel of Peppa Pig. Seriously, the attention to detail is astounding. For example, Miss Rabbit’s Taxi (which is wheelchair accessible) features a wheel that turns as well as a button that starts a fare meter. And, everywhere you go, it feels like you discover something new and cool, like a dinosaur hiding in the fridge at Peppa Pig’s House, the functionality of pumping gas at Grandpa Dog’s Garage or the voice of Peppa Pig activated by motion sensors.

I don’t want to give it all away, so here’s an overview of the highlights. (You can scroll to the end for an overview of the essentials.)

Grandad Dog’s Garage

Grandad Dog’s Garage at Peppa Pig World of Play, Grapevine Mills

Here your littles will love cruising around on a bike or tricycle, periodically stopping at the gas pumps to make-believe filling them up with gas and driving through a car wash. They can also sit inside and pretend to drive the crane.

Mr Zebra’s Post Van

Sorting the mail inside Mr Zebras Post Van

Another (of many) opportunities to pretend to drive a vehicle, plus, in the back of the van, the kids can deliver parcels and letters.

Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden at Peppa Pig World of Play, Grapevine Mills

Here, a train vibrates as if it’s moving, a garden maze hides creepy crawlies, a gnome and a frog and the voice of Grandma Pig encourages you to water the flowers.

Peppa Pig’s House

Inside Peppa Pig’s House at Peppa Pig World of Play, Grapevine Mills

In Peppa Pig’s living room you can sit on the sofa and change the TV channel while in the kitchen you can make sandwiches, sort the trash for the recycling, cook and then clean the dishes. You’ll be impressed by little details such as the motion activated phone on the wall, the oven that lights up to reveal a pie and a pizza baking and the washing machine which spins.

George’s Dinosaur Discovery

Peppa Pig World of Play, Grapevine Mills

This cute little spot is perfect for the littlest ones. We especially enjoyed the giant soft dinosaur jigsaws.

Rebecca Rabbits Underground Adventure

A two-story soft play zone featuring slides and soft building blocks. This area is better for slightly older children (3+). Our 2.5 year old struggled to climb the slope to get up to the top, but we did see lots of other kids enjoying it and he really loved the smaller slide in the central area.

Muddy Puddles

Jumping, splashing, music, mess, everyone loves this one.


Is your kid about to have a meltdown from too much excitement? Then head to the theater and settle down on a giant bean bag to watch an episode of Peppa Pig.

And, as a breastfeeding mom, this was a perfect spot to get a little privacy and get my baby fed while we all took a little break.

Campervan and Picnic Area

Unlike so many other attractions that seem to give up on the theme for the food area, the Campervan and Picnic Area blends right in. It was so cute to see families huddled around the mini picnic tables and faux picnic blankets.

School Bus Trip

At first this looks like a simple bus, then you get on and it’s a full sensory song experience with musical instruments and a sing-a-long to the tune of Wheels on the Bus. There’s even a screen that runs alongside the bus that creates the illusion that the bus is moving.


Although we were disappointed that the food items could not be picked up and placed in baskets, the supermarket was still fun, especially the moving conveyor belt and the till with lots and lots of fun buttons and a functioning display.

Peppa’s Treehouse and George’s Fort

This area is the main playground zone with lots of slides, bridges and other fun details.

Duck Pond

This fun area didn’t have an officially assigned name so I am calling it the Duck Pond. This is basically a giant shape sorting game–such a simple concept, but the kids loved it!

Daddy Pig’s Lost & Found Activity Pack

This is an add-on that you pay $4 for. The actual pack is a lanyard that contains eight sheets with different activities, the main activity being Daddy Pig’s Lost & Found which is essentially a scavenger hunt to find different items that Daddy Pig has lost.

For us, this was not worth the money. This activity doesn’t really work well for a two year old (at least not in our experience), however, the pack is very nice quality and I can see an older child really enjoying it. It is reusable so I have kept it and plan to enjoy this activity on another visit.

Party Rooms

Again, the decor is spot on theme and these look like a great place to host a birthday party. Birthday party rates are not available online, those looking to celebrate with Peppa are directed to discuss options with a team member.

In conclusion, Peppa Pig World of Play really is oinktastic! It is absolutely worth the price and we will definitely be back.

Peppa Pig World of Play: The Essentials

3000 Grapevine Mills
Parkway Suite
302A Grapevine
TX 76051

Peppa Pig World of Play is located inside Grapevine Mills Mall, park and enter at Entry 2. Once inside turn right by Rainforest Cafe and you’ll find Peppa Pig World of Play shortly after a stand that sells an intriguing mango salad snack.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday, 10am – 6pm
Saturday, 10am-8pm
Sunday, 11am-7pm


Child, age 8 or younger: $20
(Children 6 months and below are free)

Adult, age 9 and above: $5

Photosaver Package: $20
Includes two 8” x 6” souvenir printed photos plus one digital copy

All inclusive ticket: $38
Includes entry for one child plus two 8” x 6” souvenir printed photos plus one digital copy

Activity Pack: $4

This attraction is aimed at children age 8 and below. Adults are not allowed to visit without a child and all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult age 18 or above.

Peppa Pig World of Play recommends that you book your tickets online at least 24 hours in advance for the best pricing and to guarantee entry.

Click here to book online.

90 minute play session

The above pricing and tickets are for one 90 minute play session. Entry times are scheduled every 15 minutes from opening and guests are given color coded bracelets based on their entry time.

While 90 minutes may seem short, in our experience, we were about ready to leave after that time. However, we did also notice that there did not seem to be a system in place to enforce the 90 minutes. We actually ended up staying approximately 2 hours (120 minutes).

This may also change, at the exit we did a survey which asked our thoughts on paying a set price for 90 minutes versus paying for the amount of time we play. This suggests that in the future the pay structure or at least the way sessions are timed may change.


Served from the Campervan in the middle of the attraction, options include:

Peppa’s Picnic Basket: $8 ($7 if purchased online in advance)
Includes choice of kid’s sandwich, a fruit cup or fruit pouch, a Go-Gurt or fruit snack and water, milk or juice.

Daddy Pig’s Picnic Basket: $12 ($10 if purchased online in advance)
Includes adult sandwich or nachos, chips, chocolate chip cookies or granola bar, soda, milk, juice or water

Kids sandwiches: $3
Adult sandwiches: $6
Salad: $7
Nachos: $4.50
Coffee: $2
Tea: $2
Soda: $3
Water: $2
Orange or apple juice: $3
Milk: $2

The Picnic Boxes are served in boxes similar (but much larger) to McDonald’s Happy Meals. They’re really cute! We didn’t try any of the food or drink but we saw a lot of people who did and everyone looked to be enjoying it. It certainly looked like fun to be eating in the adorable picnic theme area.

Find out more and get tickets at:

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