The 9 to 5 office life is quickly evolving before our very eyes. HALL Park in Frisco is paving the way for technological advances in professional workplaces and networking spaces. Owned and founded by Craig Hall, HALL Park contains 2.5 million square feet of office space, with tenants including Prosperity Bank, Serendipity Labs, and the Jamba Juice Headquarters.

HALL Park is often hailed as “the art of work,” as the district offers its employees and tenants a multitude of amenities, including two on-site gyms, Zagster bikes, an on-site car wash, and food trucks which set up shop in the district every weekday.

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HALL Park houses Frisco’s largest collection of public art | Via @hallpark on Instagram

“It’s more than an office park,” says Barbara Milo, HALL Park’s Director of Park Experience. “We have so many opportunities here. It’s where people work, it’s where people play and it’s where people come to events. All of our tenants love it here.”

One of the most popular amenities HALL Park has to offer is vehicles. There are four of these self-driving cars on site, allowing HALL Park employees to move about the park very easily and freely.

“We’re trying to look at different ways for people to get around,” Milo says. “It’s hard to move around in your car nowadays. Traffic is getting heavier, and plus there is a lot of construction. With the autonomous vehicle, you can get to The Star in less than four minutes. You don’t have to park the autonomous vehicle, so it saves people a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot and then looking for your car in the parking lot after lunch.”

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Four self-driving vehicles are available for use throughout HALL Park | Via

HALL Park also offers services to maintain and care for each of their employees’ vehicles. Apart from an on-site car wash, HALL Park offers a gasoline service, in which employees can pop their gas tank open, make a call for fuel from a mobile application, and have their tank filled without even leaving their parking spot!

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“My favorite amenity is probably the gas service,” Milo says. “It sometimes ends up costing less to fill your tank here  than it would at a gas station.”

Across HALL Park’s 162 acres are ponds, walking trails, the Texas Sculpture Garden, as well as various other works of art. There is also an area with grills, cornhole and giant chess pieces, allowing employees to play, relax and talk with each other after a long day of work. Employees and tenants can also participate in outdoor workout classes, like yoga and pilates.

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HALL Park’s Active program offers different workout and fitness classes | Via @hallpark on Instagram

Milo believes that by offering a multitude of amenities for employees, HALL Park can increase productivity and morale within the workplace.

“The amenities give people a little breather,” Milo says. “Our employees can go out and take a break, they can get on a bike and ride, or they can walk along one of our trails, and then get back to work feeling more relaxed.”

At the moment, HALL Park is working on adding a new 20-story building to the district, along with a performing arts center.

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