This winter, Plano Overnight Warming Station will provide overnight housing to those who would otherwise be sleeping outside during freezing and inclement weather conditions. Each year, Plano experiences 30 to 35 nights a year when temperatures fall below freezing. Plano Overnight Warming Station (POWS) will provide shelter and meals to homeless individuals and families during these nights. The POWS is located at The Salvation Army’s east Plano location.

The POWS is sponsored by the Collin County Homeless Coalition, an organization consisting of city governments, school districts, faith communities, service organizations, and individuals working together to provide solutions to homelessness in Collin County. The Islamic Association of The Colony, St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Catholic Church, and The Assistance Center of Collin County are among the Plano Overnight Warming Station’s many participants.

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The POWS will be open on nights when the forecasted temperature is 35 degrees with a 20 percent chance of precipitation or a standing temperature of 32 degrees or below is anticipated.

As of now, Plano Overnight Warming Station is currently asking for donations of hats, gloves, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, rain gear, hygiene supplies and cleaning supplies. They are also looking for volunteers to help serve meals, and transport people between pick up points and the POWS.

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It is estimated that one cold weather night may require six to ten volunteers on site at POWS, as well as four transportation volunteers. For more information on how to get involved with Plano Overnight Warming Station, visit

Plano Overnight Warming Station

3528 14th St, Plano

More: 214.988.9434 |

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