Last month, Canadian-based Moxie’s Grill & Bar opened its newest location in Plano. Moxie’s offers a variety of hearty, New-American dishes and a unique selection of signature house cocktails.

Moxie’s Drinks

The blackberry mint bourbon mule is a great choice for those who want something traditional, but also want to spice things up. It consists of Bullet Bourbon, fresh muddled blackberries, mint, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, and freshly squeezed lime. It tastes almost a like a grape soda, with slight hints of alcohol. Perfect for those who don’t care for the taste of hard liquor.

Blackberry bourbon mint mule from Moxie’s | Photo credit Alex Gonzalez

Other good choices are the grapefruit mojito and the avocado gimlet, the latter of which is a bright green smoothie-like beverage, which consists of rosemary and olive infused gin, avocado, apfelkorn, simple syrup, and fresh pressed lime. Don’t be fooled by the avocado gimlet’s sweet, frothy appearance. This drink is not a force to be reckoned with.

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Avocado gimlet from Moxie’s | Photo credit: Damon Luu

Moxie’s Starters

If you’ve never tried poutine before, Moxie’s poutine sets the bar pretty high. These fries are slathered in a brown, creamy, gooey gravy and topped with cheese curds. The poutine is a warm, hearty appetizer: perfect comfort food.

Another good starter is the calamari, which is assorted with bits of ginger and jalapeño crisps. The calamari comes served with sides of sweet chili sauce and sriracha aioli.

Calamari from Moxie’s | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Moxie’s Mains

The chicken Madeira rigatoni is a favorite among Moxie’s guests. The rigatoni is immersed in a sweet, savory mushroom and Madeira wine sauce with rosemary and lemon butter. The noodles are topped with juicy slices of pan-roasted chicken and scrapes of parmesan cheese.

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Chicken madeira rigatoni from Moxie’s | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

A lighter option is the blackened chicken sandwich, which pairs well with the house minestrone.

Blackened chicken sandwich with house minestrone on the side | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Moxie’s Grill & Bar

8451 Parkwood Blvd
Plano, TX 75024

(469) 535-5300

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