As midterm season nears its end, it is imperative now more than ever that citizens exercise their right to vote. In 2016, only 58 percent of eligible voters opted to vote in that year’s election. As of February 2018, only 68 percent of eligible citizens in Texas are registered to vote.

People cite a multitude of reasons as to why they forgo casting a ballot, among them are lack of transportation, the inability to leave work to vote, or a lack of knowledge regarding the issues. Thanks to a new website called Collin County Votes, eligible voters have access to a variety of resources that will help them take the proper course of action this election season.

Collin County Votes is powered by Collin County Business Alliance (CCBA) and local Chamber of Commerce. Through Collin County Votes, employers can register for free “Get Out the Vote Advocacy Sessions,” where  CCBA will work with employers, providing resources to help them start a productive yet neutral conversation including educating employees about the voting process, policies, and candidates for the next election.

CCBA Board Chairman Sanjiv Yajnik, who is also the President of Financial Services at Capital One, believes cultivating a sense of political consciousness in the workplace is key to developing employees’ leadership skills.

“The CCBA is playing a leading role in this important topic,” Yajnik said. “We believe education is key to developing the leaders of tomorrow and maintaining a vibrant North Texas.”

Apart from free advocacy sessions, eligible voters can also use Collin County Votes to check their registration status, find out key voting dates, find polling locations, and watch videos of the candidates explaining their stances on this term’s issues.

Early voting begins next Monday, October 22. To learn more, visit

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