Aesthetics Concierge of Texas is a small business located in North Texas that offers Botox injections and dermal fillers to clients from the comfort of their own homes. Aesthetics Concierge of Texas founder, Natalie Ray, also works as a nurse anesthetist at the Baylor University Medical Center and as a mother of five. She was actually inspired to start Aesthetics Concierge because of her busy lifestyle. She told me, “getting Botox is something that I like doing for myself, but I had a hard time finding the time as a mother to go into the office and get it done”. As a nurse anesthetist, she already felt comfortable giving injections and performing procedures, so the new company grew from her existing medical background.

The Botox process with Aesthetics Concierge is very simple. Clients can call or text the company at any time to set an appointment. Then, at the scheduled time, one of the company’s practitioners comes to the clients’ home with all the supplies on hand. They always start with a consultation, then go over paperwork. The client takes a seat in the

treatment chair, and the practitioner gives them numbing cream before the procedure. The process only takes thirty minutes max, and all post-procedure instructions are listed clearly on the company’s website. If the client has any questions, they are free to reach out and text Natalie or one of the other practitioners again by call or text.

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While Aesthetics Concierge of Texas operates across North Texas, there are different practitioners for each area. Michelle Cain operates in Plano, McKinney, and Frisco. Michelle, like Natalie, has a background in medicine. Before moving to Plano, she worked in the trauma ICU at San Antonio. Now, she continues to work as a nurse practitioner with patients that have received liver, kidney and pancreas transplants. This is alongside her job at Aesthetics Concierge of Texas.

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Aesthetics Concierge of Texas

I could tell from speaking with both Michelle and Natalie that they are both such warm, caring individuals. When I asked them for their favorite parts of working with Aesthetic Concierge, Michelle said, “I enjoy taking care of patients. I like the idea of going to people’s houses and helping them look and feel their best. There’s also a personal level of comfort here. [Clients] can get dressed up if they want to, but they don’t have to, and they don’t have to disclose what they’re doing.” Natalie said that for her, it’s getting to know the different clients. “It’s easy to make a personal connection [this way],” she said. “I also love the fulfillment of helping men and women feel like they have done something for themselves that helps them improve how they look and how they feel about themselves.”

Natalie Ray started this company as a busy mother of five, and she’s here to help you feel your best as well. “We are a good fit if you are looking for excellent providers who can fit into your schedule and make aesthetic treatments convenient for you,” Natalie said. With Aesthetics Concierge of Texas, spending time on yourself is completely doable, so why wait?

If you live in Collin County, call or text Michelle Cain at 469-328-6894 to schedule your appointment today. Or, visit the company’s website for more information.

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