We want women to know that we are willing to walk along beside them in their journeys and are committed to seeing them grow.

Belle & Sparrows is a local by women for women Christian non-profit whose purpose is to empower women to know their worth. The organization, now celebrating its one-year mark, serves women both locally and globally. Through Belle & Sparrows, women are trained in how to help and then sent to volunteer with various different agencies, ministries, and nonprofits in Texas, Guatemala, and Haiti. The nonprofit says that they “bring teams of women that actively come alongside to lift, help and support, while also sharing about the redeeming love of Christ”.

Since arriving on the scene in March of 2017, Belle & Sparrows has taken 164 women with them on 15 volunteer trips. They have spread their message of empowerment to over 700 women to date and have trained over 75 women in the act of crafting artisan goods in order to provide an income for their families.

Belle & Sparrows was founded by a wonderful duo. Together, co-founders Lynde Griggs and Tiffany Savage share 27 years of ministry experience. Lynde has traveled to 10 countries on 28 mission trips. Tiffany has a heart for children and has fostered 72 children with her husband Chris over their 29-year marriage.

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The nonprofit is clear in their effort: to support marginalized women. This willingness and determination to help less fortunate women is actually where they came up with its name. “Belle means beautiful and Sparrows references the reminder Jesus gives us in the Gospels, that because every single bird is remembered by God, we can know that we are never forgotten by him,” says Lynde.

Belle & Sparrows in Guatemala

When asked about what new ideas Belle & Sparrows was bringing to the table, Lynde listed the following:

  • Women investing in women.
  • Training and leading teams of women to serve women.
  • Building long-term partnerships with ministries and returning to the same places to build relationships with and invest in the women we serve. Belle & Sparrows wants women to know that they are willing to walk along beside them in their journies and are committed to seeing them grow.
  • Teaching women skills for economic sustainability
  • Providing encouragement to women who brave the struggles of addiction, abuse, or incarceration.
  • Sharing stories from the Bible as they pray with them and listen to their stories.

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Within the next five years, Belle & Sparrows hopes to duplicate their trips in more locations “so that more and more women will hear that they are worthy.” They also want to help more women find opportunities with small businesses and discover their earning potential.

“The hope that is sparked by the message of worthiness can flourish into a flame that leads these women to build a better future for themselves and their children. We want to see that message repeated in as many places to as many people as the Lord will allow”, says Lynde.

Visit Belle and Sparrows’s website for more information.

Belle & Sparrows Mission Trips

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Vaibhavi Hemasundar

Vaibhavi Hemasundar is an undergraduate at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She loves singing, film photography, and devouring book after book.