This summer, forget expensive tubing equipment or renting a speedboat, and instead enjoy the beauty of the lake while getting in a great workout with SUP, Stand-Up Paddleboarding. DFW Surf Adventures offers a variety of paddleboarding classes on both Lake Grapevine and Lake Lewisville, making it a perfect summer activity.

Paddleboarding class

First things first, if you haven’t paddle boarded with DFW Surf, they require you to take a Beginner Paddle Level class which I tried out for myself on Lake Lewisville at Hidden Cove Park and Marina. The class takes a little more than an hour, but feeling comfortable and safe in the water is worth the time. A 9 a.m. start feels a little early for a Saturday, but the air is still cool, and the lake shines as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. All experience levels are welcome; my class is a combination of 10-year-old kids with their parents, half-awake teenagers and a group of older women who definitely do some hardcore yoga.

The instructor covers all the necessities: education, safety, balance, basics and turning. We go over the parts of the board, the paddles and proper stance. When we finally get in the water, it’s a little nerve-wracking finding your balance, even though we’re just sitting on our knees. When we finally get the go-ahead to stand up, it isn’t as hard as you might expect. Thankfully I don’t fall into the water—yet.

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Our class learns the correct way to paddle and turn, because there is a specific method to the madness. After a few minutes of slow, controlled strokes which push me out into the lake I feel more relaxed and paddle a little faster, letting myself drift every now and then. After a while, I feel the pull of my muscles working hard to keep my balance, but the beautiful scenery almost makes me forget about it.


Paddleboarding and yoga

DFW Surf also offers paddleboarding classes that are specifically geared for fitness and yoga. SUP Yoga Basics and Sunset SUP Yoga classes are offered a few times each week at both locations. As a novice yogi myself, I try some yoga poses out of curiosity. Downward Dog is fairly easy, but I had to significantly increase my level of concentration. I stand and attempt to lift one leg behind me into Dancer’s Pose, but I can’t hold it for more than a couple of seconds. Last I go for Crow Pose, with my palms on the board I shift my weight forward and bring my knees to rest on my elbows. The board teeters back and forth as I try to balance. After a few failed attempts I almost succeed until I slip onto the board and into the lake. It’s surprisingly refreshing, and my body is thankful for a break.

Once the class is over and I put my board up, I already know I’ll be back this summer and ready to take on a yoga class.

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At DFW Surf you can rent paddle boards almost any day of the week. You can also check out other water activities they offer and book a rental at their website,

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