The Specialty Center 2 at Children’s Health in Plano is an innovative facility designed to cater to the growing number of families in North Texas, with leading pediatric experts, community providers, advanced technology and cutting-edge sports performance—all under one roof.

The 203,000-square-foot, four-story facility is the new home to the Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and Sports Performance powered by EXOS, as well as the state-of-the-art Live Oak Surgery Center, Imaging Center and physician clinics.

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The innovative building features a variety of multidisciplinary services for the whole family—from sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, training and nutrition for youth athletes, to outpatient surgery, outpatient imaging and community provider clinics.

“We designed Specialty Center 2 for the families and physicians of North Texas—combining the region’s leading pediatric experts and community providers to make it easy for families to access the care they need in one convenient location,” said Jeremiah Radandt, executive vice president of the Northern Market for Children’s Health. “The facility we debuted today does that and more. Our goal is to become a community partner for the growing number of families living in or moving to North Texas by empowering them to become active drivers of their own health care.”

children’s health andrews institute for orthopedics & sports medicine and sports performance powered by exos, plano, texas

Specialty Center 2 offers a wide array of multidisciplinary services and state-of-the-art technology, including:

Imaging Center: Featuring Siemens Skyra 3 Tesla MRI, Fluoroscopy and EOS® X-Ray Imaging System, these imaging technologies provide the highest quality images, which allow for quicker diagnoses and more accurate treatment.

Live Oak Surgery Center: A defining feature of Specialty Center 2, this surgical center features state-of-the-art observation capabilities, which allow physicians and family members to check in on patients undergoing procedures inside the four operating rooms without entering the surgical area.

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A striking feature of the new building is a 60-yard turf football field and running track, which attach to an indoor training area for the Children’s Health Andrews Institute and its performance training and injury prevention program, Sports Performance powered by EXOS. Originally opened in 2015 on the Children’s Health Plano campus, the Children’s Heath Andrews Institute is a destination for orthopedics and sports medicine for young athletes and the only institute of its kind in the region—offering world-class, pediatric- focused orthopedic and sports medicine care with research, education and injury prevention at its core. Developed under the direction of world-renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, M.D., it is also the first-ever pediatric program to team up with EXOS, an internationally known program that trains the world’s top athletes.

“As a former Division I collegiate athlete and now as an orthopedic surgeon, I cannot stress enough the importance of injury prevention, training and rehabilitation that is needed for youth athletes, especially in this North Texas region where youth sports are so popular,” said John Polousky, M.D., surgical director and chief of pediatric orthopaedics at Children’s Health Plano. “At our new location, we offer the latest advances in diagnostics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and sports performance in one building, allowing us to provide the full continuum of care to young athletes in North Texas.”

hydroworx. children’s health andrews institute for orthopedics & sports medicine and sports performance powered by exos. plano, texas

The new Children’s Health Andrews Institute location offers best-in-class sports performance and rehabilitation technology and equipment, including: Physical Therapy: AlterG® Anti-Gravity treadmill, Harlequin dance floor, TRAZER computer- based simulation testing and training system, functional squat machine to help strengthen muscles, and HydroWorx® Pool and underwater treadmill for sports rehabilitation.

Sports Performance powered by EXOS®: Pneumatic weight training system, six-lane synthetic sprint track, inlaid Olympic lifting platform and a biomechanics lab.

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