The Biscuit Bar at The Boardwalk at Granite Park in Plano is open!

The Biscuit Bar

The Biscuit Bar is the newest restaurant to open at The Boardwalk at Granite Park in Plano. Most of the seating is outside on its front patio that is spacious and covered with plenty of shade. Employees kneading dough and rolling biscuits can be seen through a window with a bright yellow frame.

The Biscuit Bar continues to follow the trend of catchy phrases in neon lights like the hilarious “Batch Please” and “All you knead is love,” both perfect for Instagram.

Patio at The Biscuit Bar in Plano.

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Biscuits & Tots

Breakfast, lunch or dinner there’s a biscuit out there ready for you to fall in love with. There’s the classic biscuit and gravy, and a sausage biscuit. But the menu also throws in some wild flavors like a Monte Cristo made with ham, turkey, jack cheese and raspberry, and a nod to Tennessee with the Hot Hot Chicken.

I order the F.A.B.B. which stands for fig preserves, arugula, brie and bacon. My fingers get buttery the moment they wrap around the square biscuit and brie drips onto the table. The biscuit is melt-in-your-mouth heavenly. The crispy outside layer is thin, cooked to perfect. I don’t want to know how much butter was used. Thinly sliced bacon balances the sweetness of the fig. The brie is very mild in flavor and pretty much overpowered by everything else.

Chicken & Not-a-Waffle is too interesting to resist, made with their Biscuit French Toast. The biscuit is dipped in sweet vanilla custard, fried golden brown and topped with a house made whipped cream. It’s decadent and rich, once again melting in mouth with the first bite. The thick cut of fried chicken breast is the only thing stopping me from classifying this as a dessert. The whipped cream is airy and soaks into the biscuit.

Additionally, I get a side of sweet potato tots with ranch. Each morsel is an explosion of soft sweet potato making my taste buds forget about the biscuits — momentarily.

The Biscuit Bar at The Boardwalk in Plano.

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Cocktails on Tap

The Biscuit Bar at Granite Park also offers beer, wine, cocktails, kombucha and coffee on tap, including Texas favorites like Blood and Honey, Tito’s Vodka and NITRO Cold Brew.

I try to Cucumber Vesper made with gin, lime vodka, lime and cucumber. It’s surprisingly sweet, too sweet for my taste, but I could see it being the perfect drink for summer while lounging on their patio on the busy boardwalk. The Blackberry Taquilla Smash, made with Reposado Taquilla, blackberry liqueur, triple sec and lime, is also sweet and refreshing. The cocktail’s purple gradient served in the mason jar adds to the aesthetic of the bar.

The Biscuit Bar on The Boardwalk at Granite Park will definitely be one of the trendy new restaurants to try this spring and summer.

To stay up to date on all things Biscuit Bar text: BISCUITS to 33222. You can also find them on Instagram and on Facebook:

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