Plano’s own American Idol (contestant), Ron Bultongez has just released his first music video and we love it. He also made it to American Idol’s Hollywood Week airing Sunday, April 1 on ABC.
[Update: Ron made it through Hollywood Week with a spectacular rendition of “Home” by Phillip Phillips. Ron is now within the last 50 competitors!]

Ron had a rough start in life. After fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo, his family came to the United States and settled in Plano where an abusive family situation left him homeless and one of many juveniles reliant on City House in Plano for shelter and food. His record, New Cycle, draws on that experience while looking to the future for hope and, most importantly, breaking the cycle.

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The beautiful lyrics and the video follow the story of a young girl with an abusive, alcoholic mother and a young boy who’s father cheats on his mother and leaves them. “She ain’t nothing like her mother … He ain’t nothing like her father,” go the lyrics as both the boy and the girl triumph over their circumstances, just like Ron has done. No doubt Ron, who now has a son to care for, sees a lot of parallels between himself and the two young people he’s singing about.

You can view the video for New Cycle by Ron Bultongez for yourself here:

After being dramatically booted off and then reinstated during the premiere of American Idol, we can’t wait to watch this rising star’s progress as his American Idol journey continues this Sunday April 1 on ABC. In fact, Ron invites you to join him this Sunday at The Rustic in Dallas for a FREE American Idol Watch Party. Just make sure you register (click here for details) to get your tickets.

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