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TreeHouse, Plano. Photo by Stephanie Tann

As a kid, I remember loving the idea of a tree house. But when we finally got one, it did not live up to expectations. The new TreeHouse in Plano, however, exceeds expectations. It’s cool. So cool, you might want to hang out there. Seriously, they have the most beautiful outdoor terrace with a bocce ball court.

Fortunately for us, on Wednesday January 23, at the grand opening of TreeHouse, co-hosted by Plano Profile, we had a really good excuse to hang out and got to drink some great wine, too. Turns out, on a quiet Wednesday evening in Plano, nothing beats an evening that combines fine wine, great food and eco-friendly home upgrade solutions. (Scroll to the end for event photos!)

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TreeHouse Plano offers healthy home upgrades

At TreeHouse, the revolutionary home upgrade company, they believe all homes should be sustainable, beautiful and healthy and offer a one-stop-shop approach to home upgrades, including remodels. So, while sipping on organic wine and indulging in bites catered by Lombardi Concepts, guests perused all the weird and wonderful products that make TreeHouse unique.

In one corner, a kitchen vignette featuring a white, gray and blue hexagon backsplash garnered both praise and wonder—the beautiful Fireclay Tile is reclaimed porcelain from old toilets and sinks.

TreeHouse, Plano. Photo by Stephanie Tann

Meanwhile, RomaBio, a mineral-based paint, actually cleans the air by absorbing carbon monoxide. Couple that with the Foobot, an air quality monitoring robot, and the air inside your house will be so clean you can imagine yourself in the Swiss alps.  

They even have furniture like the all-weather outdoor furniture by Loll. Each colorful side table, lounger and rocking chair is made from recycled plastic, mostly from rescued single-use milk jugs. Just one of their Adirondack chairs is made from 400 milk jugs!

You’ll also find the energy-efficient Haiku by Big Ass Fans, Whirlpool’s Zera food recycler, Dunn-Edwards non-toxic paint and Nebia’s water atomizing shower head. They even have the Tesla Powerwall 2. Touted as the future of home energy, the Powerwall is a home battery that allows you to use your solar produced power after the sun goes down.

And while all these products are indeed weird, wonderful and unique, they also have one other thing in common: they help create a healthy environment in your home. And that is what TreeHouse is all about.

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Did you know? The home is where we will be exposed to the greatest number of toxins in our lifetime. And, the home consumes the highest amount of our natural resources, such as water and energy, and produces the largest amount of landfill waste. TreeHouse is committed to changing that and is here in Plano to help—whether you do it one lightbulb at a time or want to go all in with a full house renovation.

And when I say that they help you do that, they don’t just sell the products, they offer free consultations and can even handle the entire renovation for you. So, whether you’re looking to re-tile a floor, redo a bathroom or are interested in installing your own solar power system, TreeHouse can help. Just ask one of their amazing team members, trust me, you’ll love them. During the grand opening I got to know Dom Miguel and Anna Morales, look out for them, they’ll take a great care of you.

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TreeHouse, Plano

2201 Preston Rd., Plano. (Next door to Whole Foods at Park and Preston.)
(214) 838-3687

The following collection of images were taken by Stephanie Tann during our grand opening party at TreeHouse, Plano:

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