Valentine’s Day is around the corner! And what’s a better way to say “I love you” than with a sweet treat? Eatzi’s makes it easy because you can always count on quality and a price that won’t break the bank. We sat down with CEO Adam Romo and asked him about his favorite items and the secrets behind Eatzi’s success.

CEO Adam Romo

Q: What’s your favorite item at Eatzi’s right now?

A: I’ve tried just about everything. We just came out with a new key lime pie, and I pushed for a new recipe because the old one wasn’t a traditional key lime pie. This new one, we’re now using real key limes and it’s phenomenal. We worked on this numerous iterations and it’s my favorite item right now.

I’ll pick a favorite thing, and that’ll be my favorite for a month. And then I finally move on to something else. Our cinnamon buns are phenomenal with cream cheese icing, which is really unique. You put cream cheese icing on it and I’ll eat it. Because of that the Red Velvet and the Italian Cream Cake are also my favorites.

Q: How do you decide what items make it to the store shelves?

A: We take something traditional and add out own flair to it. Our R&D process is pretty extensive. Any chef can submit something for a recipe for consideration. We’re always rotating for variety and seasonally. 

Our chefs submit things, and we have a formal feedback process on that — texture, spice, all the factors these culinary experts use. We’ll give the feedback and they come back over and over, tweaking it until it’s perfect. Sometimes, even after all that process, we have to say we don’t think that’s a right fit for our menu.

Q: Are you a chef at home?

A: Oh no, no no. [Laughs] I know what I like to eat, but I don’t want to make it when I don’t have to. I am fascinated by that profession, and I have a lot of respect for our chefs. Cooking is science and chemistry. The process and how they see the world of food — I’ve learned a lot from them but it’s more like an avocation.

Q: What makes Eatzi’s successful?

A: We have customer’s who visit us three times a week. Convenience is probably one of the most important factors for consumers today. They will pick convenience over quality in certain scenarios. How many times do you think, ‘I’d love to go here but this place will be half the time even though the it’s not my first choice, it’s good enough.’  The layout of the store and parking, how many people are checking out — that all affects convenience. 

If you want people to come as frequently as we target them to come, you have to have a good price. We’re looking to get our fair share and provide a great value to the customer. Variety is also key for the repeat business. How many sit down restaurants would you visit three times a week? Not many. 

Another element is what I like to call, theater. When you walk in you feel like you’re being entertained. You smell the food, you see them make your salad or sandwich, you see the hot food on the grill. You come in and there’s a feeling of satisfaction with the experience.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Don’t feel like breaking the bank this year at a fancy steakhouse? Do you just prefer eating delicious food prepared for you in your pajamas while watching Netflix? You’re not alone, and Eatzi’s has the solution. Pre-order Valentine’s Day dinner for two with the highest quality items.

First pick an entree: Espresso & Cocoa Rubbed Angus Sirloin from 44 Farms with Guajillo Demi Glace, to Wild-Caught Texas Red Snapper, Coquille St. Jacques, or Vanilla Peppered Seared Joyce Farms Airline Chicken with Raspberry Thyme Gastrique.

Each meal comes with the choice of Lobster Bisque or Lemon Rocket Salad with Goat Cheese Croquettes.  All meals are served with: pickled wild-caught gulf shrimp, baby vegetables, wild mushroom risotto, house-made roasted garlic and herb crackers, and a Chocolate Framboise Cake for two. Orders must be places by February 13th.

Courtesy of EatZi’s

Sweet Valentine’s

If you’d rather go straight to dessert, I can’t say I blame you. Pick up one of their festive cakes like the Valentine’s Tower of Power or the Valentine’s Red Velvet Cake, both stand at an impressive five inches tall.

If you’re in a rush for a quick and delicious gift, chocolate covered strawberries will be sold in packs of four, while chocolate-covered Oreo’s will be sold in packs of three, or go for the gusto and get a dozen.

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