sweet lab, carrollton, ice cream, ice cream cloud, toppings, dallas
The Ice Cream Cloud is a new creation at Sweet Lab, Carrollton. Image courtesy of @sweetlab.orchid on Instagram

The newest, next level ice cream has entered the world bringing a whole new meaning to the word toppings. Sweet Lab in Carrollton has created the perfect instagrammable desserts in the Dallas area by adding mouth watering toppings to their homemade ice creams. Sweet Lab ice cream shop has a wide variety of insta-worthy snacks that will increase your follower count and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once!

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sweet lab, carrollton, ice cream, ice cream cloud, toppings, dallas
The Hello Kitty by Sweet Lab, Carrollton.

Sweet Lab ice cream shop has taken ice cream toppings to a whole new level, adding things like bubble waffles to their list of creative options! Joining the Carrollton community just last year, Sweet Lab has amassed popularity within the community and avid instagrammers have already begun posting their wild creations online for their followers to melt over. Along with bubble waffles, outrageous toppings include cotton candy, marshmallows, caramel popcorn, green tea jellies and cookies! Unlike other ice cream parlors that chop and dice toppings into small, almost sprinkle size portions, Sweet Lab believes the bigger the topping the better and loads on as much as possible! There is no slicing and dicing done here! As the saying goes- everything’s bigger in Texas!

Sweet Lab’s ice cream is all homemade and they have just released a new liquor-infused Rum Raisin flavor! You can choose one of their original ice cream creations off of their menu, like the Hello Kitty made with Sweet Lab’s homemade strawberry ice cream and bubble waffle as the base, and topped with pretzels, pocky sticks, panda bears, cotton candy and sprinkled with edible glitter! If you know exactly what you’re in the mood for, Sweet Lab offers a build your own creation menu that guides you through steps choosing the base ice cream all the way to the crazy toppings! There is something for everyone at Sweet Lab ice cream shop!

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Sweet Lab has managed to combine two things people love, delicious desserts and instagrammable content, all into one. Sweet Lab has raised the bar for ice cream parlors everywhere by providing cute, edible ice cream masterpieces that will brighten your mood, cure your sweet tooth craving, and add adorable content to your social media outlets! Hurry over to Sweet Lab and get your hands on these delectable desserts and make all of your followers jealous before you start to see it all over your social feeds!

sweet lab, carrollton, ice cream, ice cream cloud, toppings, dallas
Create your own ice cream at Sweet Lab, Carrollton. Photo courtesy of @sweetlab.orchid on Instagram

Sweet Lab, Carrollton

2625 Old Denton Rd #578
Texas 75007

For more, visit Sweet Lab’s Instagram page: @sweetlab.orchid