She’s one of the newest Plano City Council members and a rockstar PR professional for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center of Plano. She’s a mom of two boys raising a family in her hometown. Those who know her are in awe of how she does it all. Meet Kayci Prince.

When do you feel your bravest? When I don’t let fear stop me from making the right decision or trying really tough things.

What’s your most daring achievement? Running for Plano City Council.

What rules have you broken? I threw a sticky ball onto the ceiling while my choir teaching wasn’t looking. When I graduated she gave me the ceiling tile!

Something few people know about you? When I was eight years old, I saved a little girl from drowning in a hotel swimming pool.

Your spirit animal? Grey wolf

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? My six-year-old son, so that I could gain a better understanding of who he is and what it’s like to be him.

Your most annoying habit? I love to sing loudly and very much off-key.

Three things you can’t live without: Running shoes, bug spray and my microwave because as my husband says I warm, I don’t cook.

Guilty pleasure? Shipley Do-Nuts [920 Parker Rd #220, Plano]

Catch phrase: “That’s special.”

Life-changing moment: The day Kroger started delivering groceries to my house.

Favorite TV show? Designated Survivor

What’s your dream job? GM for the Dallas Cowboys.

Favorite possession? All the letters and cards saved over the years from family and friends. Growing up, my mom wrote me a note every day and put it in my lunch. I’ve saved many of them.

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