make our mark, arts and craft, acting studio, east plano

Planoites, Jeff and Elizabeth Fenter just opened Make Your Mark Studios in East Plano. It is the first acting/arts and crafts studio in the area to offer kids and adult classes for all levels of ability and interest.

make our mark, arts and craft, acting studio, east plano

Jeff grew up in the North Texas area and has been performing on stage and in film & tv commercials for over 30 years. He has toured nationally with Dallas Children’s Theater and ran a non-profit business in the Dallas area for 15 years. Jeff is represented by The Campbell Agency. Elizabeth is a 3rd grade teacher who loves to attend painting parties and has a serious Pinterest arts and craft addiction. Together they have three amazing kiddos that love to do their own thing, Sydney (16), Easton (8), and Quinnlee (5).

For years, Jeff and Elizabeth knew they wanted to start a business, but didn’t quite know what. They talked about taking their experience in food service and opening a bar. Elizabeth had a home-based bakery for a while, and Jeff co-owned a local theatre company with his high school friends for a few years until the demands of brand new families took priority. One day, Elizabeth came home from a painting party and said, “I have THE idea”. Jeff rolled his eyes and asked how much it would cost him. Elizabeth suggested a multipurpose art studio where Jeff would be director of acting and Elizabeth will be the director of arts and crafts. Together they would find teachers, or teach their own classes, and have a resource that is a one-stop-shop for their East Plano neighborhood.

So … Make Your Make Studios was born and they opened their doors on October 1, 2017.

“We hope people will spread out and do arts and crafts without worrying about glitter or paint on the floor,” laughs Elizabeth.  “Avoid a “Pinterest Fail” by getting help and assistance from the teachers and assistants at the studio. Or, learn public speaking, improv, voice over, or take an acting class to help improve your acting craft.”

Professionals can take these classes for fun or to help their business speaking skills. It’s not just for actors, but also for anyone looking to have fun and learn some new skills that they can apply anywhere.

Make Your Mark Studios
4101 E Park Blvd, #145, Plano, TX 75074

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