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What do you buy for the person who has everything? Cake. More specifically, the Tommy Bahama Piña Colada Cake. It’s delicious; it’s full of rum; and it gets delivered.

The Tommy Bahama Piña Colada Cake is one of the most popular items available at the Tommy Bahama restaurants, one of which is located at Legacy West.

“The Piña Colada Cake is deeply layered and flushed with Myers Dark Rum. It keeps the cake moist and springy around a sunshine-bright pineapple filling, white chocolate mousse and a final shower of toasted coconut. A cake fit for a wedding,” Alex Cronin, editorial assistant at Plano Profile wrote in our recent review of the new Legacy West location. (While you’re there we also recommend digging into the World Famous Coconut Shrimp, “Four butterfly shrimp, crusted generously in golden coconut, stand guard around a pile of island slaw with fried wontons”; the Lump Blue Crab and Avocado Salad, “At first bite it’s obvious this stuff isn’t from the can. It’s plucked straight from the sea, saltwater still clinging, and there’s plenty of it”; and the cocktails—all of them.)

While you can certainly indulge in a slice, or two, of Piña Colada Cake at Tommy Bahama at Legacy West you can also now have it delivered to a friend—or to yourself. 

The Tommy Bahama Piña Colada Cake is part of a new line of specialty food items Tommy Bahama has just launched for home delivery. Purchases can be made through the Tommy Bahama restaurant or online at

In the case of the Tommy Bahama Piña Colada Cake it is sold fresh frozen to be defrosted and enjoyed at home with friends and family and serves 8-12 people. Cost is $85 + shipping.

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