At the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West, they believe the five to nine is just as important as the nine to five.

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At 6 o’clock sharp, a special ceremony is held in the lobby of the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West. One lucky patron is handed a mallet to strike a gong. As they make contact, the crash echoes off the marble walls. The crowd goes silent and then quickly bursts into applause.

One of the hotel’s talented mixologists pours various liquids from chemistry beakers into an ornate punch bowl, and on some occasions they will light the punch on fire but only for a split second. Finally, he gives it a few swirls before pouring glasses with a ladle, of course.

The recipe changes from week to week depending on what inspires the bartender. This week, Victor used Highborn Texas Dry Gin; the month before he used bourbon as a nod to Bourbon Appreciation Month.   

The staff at the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West know that business deals happen over whiskey neat, and valuable connections are made through laughs and Macha Collins cocktails. That’s why this punch bowl is complimentary Monday through Thursday for guests and those looking for an excuse to stop by for a drink.

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