It’s finally happening! Celebrity Chef John Tesar, a four-time James Beard nominated chef, and a two-time contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef, will open Knife at Willow Bend in early 2018. There, Tesar will do what Tesar does best: yell. Just kidding. Knife is all about meat.

Tesar in the meat locker at knife dallas | alyssa vincent

“Instead of going to Albertson’s, you can come and get a flat iron from me at a reasonable price, and you’ll know that it’s an organic steak that came from 44 Farms, and we’ll teach you how to cook it with the book or by eating at the restaurant,” Tesar explains.

Tesar is staunchly committed to quality ingredients and meats, sourcing from 44 Farms, Heartbrand Beef, and Creekstone Farms. Additionally, he’s known as an innovator in dry aged meat. Knife at Willow Bend, built to his specifications, is outfitted when a dry aging meat box that houses 500 pieces of meat at a time. Thus, Knife will offer an unprecedented 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 240-dry aged meats every single day. It promises the ever-popular popular dry-aged ribeye and sirloin in addition to new dry aged flavors like foie gras and pork. Other new additions include Crispy Pig’s Haunches and whole leg of lamb.

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Knife itself is a 7,000-square-foot steakhouse. Also, Knife has a butcher shop and burger stand. The butcher shop will sell every cut of meat offered at Knife, including Chef Tesar’s dry aged meat. Adjacent to the butcher shop, Knife Burger will sell four of Knife’s most popular burgers, for the diner on-the-go. Burgers include The Ozerksy, The Pimento Buger, The Magic, and The Patty Melt, alongside fries and four flavors of shakes.

Knife at willow bend | ozersky burger

As for Knife at Willow Bend itself, it will feature a large patio and a fire pit. The new Knife is also a homage to Tesar’s critically-acclaimed seafood restaurant, Spoon Bar & Kitchen, which he closed before opening Knife. A selection of Spoon’s greatest hits will appear on a crudo menu at Knife. Seafood fans will find caviar and fresh shellfish, including oysters, lobsters and King Crab. So will classic Knife dishes like 44 Farm Beef Tartare to Bacon Tasting of Five Varieties.

Knife at willow bend | bacon sampler

“The success that we’ve seen at Knife at The Highland has been both humbling and rewarding, the reason we are able to expand the concept to additional markets,” Tesar says. “Guests will enjoy all their favorite dishes from our Dallas location, but will notice an even deeper focus on our dry-aged meat program.”

An elaborate, oval shaped bar seating 25 guests, situated at the center of the restaurant. It offers the steakhouses’ full food menu, specialty cocktails, local, craft and import beers. The restaurant will also have a 300+ label wine list with a sommelier on staff nightly.

Knife at Willow Bend offers lunch and dinner seven days a week. Patrons of Knife will enjoy complimentary valet parking.