Medical City Plano is one of eight Texas hospitals to acquire a newly advanced, low-dose X-ray system called EOS ®. Unlike the 2D models of the past, EOS® creates a precise, to-scale image of how the patient’s body works with no wait to view results. This advanced X-ray technology gives orthopedic surgeons a higher quality, more accurate 3D image of the patient’s condition than ever before. This results in more efficient patient care, and is more time effective for physicians to diagnose, manage and treat orthopedic conditions.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, X-rays are a part of how I provide routine care for my patients,” said Theodore Belanger, MD, scoliosis medical director for Medical City Plano. “This will be an incomparable resource to the orthopedic team and provides an extremely detailed look into the human body that will help make more informed diagnoses. I believe this technology will elevate our advanced services and innovative care to our patients.”

The scan, which takes about 20 seconds to complete, can be done with a patient sitting or standing. During the process, a full-body or partial-body scan will be taken from the front and side view simultaneously. The images are then converted to 3D pictures and helps physicians see inside the body with precision down to the millimeter. EOS® scans are a breakthrough in imaging devices, transmitting up to 85 percent less radiation compared to a traditional scan.

“As a leading hospital in North Texas, this innovation is paramount to the services offer, as we strive to deliver the most advanced patient-centered, physician-led care,” said Charles Gressle, CEO of Medical City Plano. “Technology like this allows surgeons to better plan for complex orthopedic surgeries, which creates better outcomes for our patients.”

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