With so many options available, choosing a quality cigar can seem daunting. Here’s what every cigar smoker should know; enjoy responsibly.


Cigars are kept in humidors, which help maintain the right amount of moisture inside the cigar. Too humid, the tobacco will rot, but not humid enough, the cigar dries out losing its flavor and scent. The head is the end you smoke from, the foot is the side you light, the filler is the blend of tobacco and the wrapper is the outside which often gives the cigar its flavor.    


Go ahead and judge a book by its cover. The wrapper should have no gaps or tears. Cigars with a nice sheen or luster to them have been taken care of correctly. But if it looks flakey and dry then there’s not enough moisture, and it will not burn uniformly. Gently squeeze the cigar from top to bottom; it should feel consistently firmif there’s a weak spot it will fall apart as you smoke it. Color doesn’t determine quality but rather different flavors and strengths. However, the color should be uniform—avoid anything mottled or spotted.


When it comes to figuring out your preferred flavor and strength it’s going to take some trial and error. However, a quick and easy test is to take the cigar out of its wrapper and give it a good deep sniff. If you like what you smell, chances are you’ll like the taste, too.

Decide what your budget is, and go from there. Quality cigars can be found for less than $10. Experienced tobacconists are helpful in finding the right brand for the right price. Talk to the experts at various cigar clubs in the area like Lone Star State Cigar Co. in downtown Plano, Elite Cigar Cafe in Addison and Renegade Cigars in Richardson.

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