Seriously. You can go to mermaid school. It’s a thing. If you’re a Little Mermaid fan, or even if you’re just curious, rent a swim fin and dive straight into mermaid school. A craze that’s cooler and more fashionable than swimming laps, mermaid schools offer training so you can safely swim like a mermaid or merman with a swim fin, which is literally a mermaid tail.  In mermaid class, you can fellow mer-people can learn exercises and swimming techniques like dolphin kicks, surface tail flips and underwater barrel rolls, as well as tread techniques that are most comfortable with a swim fin.

Most people come by and learn a few tricks to connect with their inner kid but stay for the workout. Swimming mer-style is all about muscle control, a low-impact, sculpting exercise with a few magical tricks thrown in.

Don (or rent) your swim fin and dive under the sea for mermaid classes. Adventure Scuba and Snorkeling Center, right here in Plano rents mermaid tails and offers mermaid classes and a chance to learn more about the ocean. Besides, life is better under the sea. Sebastian said so.

Become a mermaid in Plano at Adventure Scuba and Snorkeling Center | 2301 N. Central Expy., #140 Plano, TX 75075 | 972.423.3483 |

On June 10 from 9-11 a.m. the Texas Pool Foundation is hosting a Mermaid Fin Swim. Members of the pool get in free! More: