The Brixton, a nightclub-restaurant mixed concept is about to open at The Shops at Legacy. Combining music, food, cocktails and a lounge, The Brixton will be the new place to party at The Shops at Legacy.

Featuring small bites, flights and rock shows on a 25-foot-wide stage nightly, the upscale eatery will also serve as a two-story
nightclub. The Brixton will pair plates with craft cocktails and fine wines at affordable prices. On its two level balconies, the upscale eatery and nightclub will offer front row seating for regular live events. Performances by the hottest bands and DJs in Dallas will be simulcast via a massive 15-by-nine-foot LED screen—the biggest at any club in Dallas.The Brixton is brought to us by Harder Concepts, a brother duo also responsible for Scruffy Duffies, Ringos Pub, The Mucky Duck, Saintsbury Tavern and Addison Ice House.

On Saturday May 13, The Brixton will celebrate their opening with a party and charity event, “The Taste of Sound”. World-renowned chef, Patrick Stark, who recently revamped all of Harder Concepts’ restaurant menus, created this new pop-up music project tailored to suit the dining room of The Brixton’s unique atmosphere. Partnering with Mohawk Militia, also founded by Stark, attendees will have a chance to give back to their local community while experiencing new food, music, and art. Entertainment and east from 5 to 7 p.m.

“The goal is have fun, be social, and share while raising awareness about the power of clean food. The new Brixton menu is designed around ‘sharables’ or tapas-style plates,” said Stark. “The idea behind this event is to stimulate human senses through different types of art. It will give everyone a chance to make new friends, wake up their senses, take away some valuable knowledge, and truly perform the art of ‘breaking bread’.”

The music will ne provided by the band Amusé, led by Leslie Austin (vocals) and Chef Patrick Stark (lead guitar), will play six sets of songs to complement each course. As the chef serves one of the courses to guests, they will be asked to be blind-folded as an exciting way to enhance the taste of the food.

“I have always wanted to play music in a place where my kitchen operates and do it for something bigger than myself,” said Stark. “I love that Harder Concepts supports this event and my charity. This will be the first time I do an event for my charity while also encompassing my own kitchen and menu. Not many citizens realize we have a chemical warfare of sorts on the food supply in our own back yard. Once we contaminate our seeds and animals, there is no reversing it. If we don’t protect them, they won’t be available for our future generations. Instead they’ll be restricted to toxic strains of food.”

Other partners for the event include SweetBeat Vodka, the official vodka of “Taste of Sound,” locally owned and operated Melinda’s Hot Sauce, and another charity PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope (5013c).

Tickets are $75, which includes 6-course meal curated by Chef Patrick Stark, a live performance by Amusé, live painting, a live fire performer and a contribution to the Mohawk Militia charity.

Buy your tickets here.

Rebecca Silvestri

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