When Ethan Patterson grows up, he wants to be a world-renowned artist

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Eight-year-old Ethan Patterson likes dogs, the Texas Rangers and Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. He’s also an aspiring artist.

Ethan practices his craft around two hours a day; sometimes in formal classes, other times following along with a YouTube video showing step by step of a cartoon drawing, or just doodling.

Ethan sometimes sells art at his lemonade stand and has painted a number of people’s pets on commission. In about five days, Ethan will paint a unique abstract interpretation of your pet for around $20.

He even painted my family’s beloved Norwegian Forest cat, Barkley, in fantastic metallic blue, white and orange. I asked what inspired him to use those colors. “I choose whatever colors I like. Sometimes it’s just a random guess,” he explains. So far, Ethan has donated $150 to the animal shelter by selling art and has also saved some for himself in the bank.

Like many creatives, Ethan’s interest in painting was sparked in art class at school. He asked his mom to sign him up for classes at Pipe and Palette in Downtown Plano, where he’s been taking lessons for a year now.

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