McKinney celebrates spring on April 29 with a self-guided tour of one of the most surprising but delightful modern trends that has swept our way since babies in cowboy bootsbackyard chicken coops. Harking back to the good ol’ days of homegrown food, people around the country have begun raising their own chickens again, abandoning grocery store eggs for small backyard flocks of two to five chickens housed in comfortable little coops.

Self-entertainers, chickens are low-maintenance and earn their keep laying eggs, as well as eating worms, beetles and other pests. The eggs—fresher and more flavorful than store-bought—are all around a little better. Raising chickens is sustainable and functional, and adorable coops freshen up even the most tired backyard.

This year, Tour de Coup, organized entirely by community volunteers, celebrates its fifth year, drawing in over 500 guests to explore coops and learn more about raising chickens from locals who do it themselves. There will be an online charity art auction and artists selling animal-themed masterpieces at each chicken coop. And, for the first time ever, little ones can enjoy an interactive Scavenger Hunt complete with a mysterious grand prize. So if you’re interested in a chicken coop of your own, take this opportunity to get advice from the experts. If you’d rather enjoy a unique day in the sun, take a walk through McKinney’s beautiful chicken coops.

All proceeds benefit the Historic Chestnut Square and the Farmers Market held on most Saturdays in McKinney. For more information, visit