Plano ranked 8th in the nation as on of the best places to sell a house shows a new study done by SmartAsset, a company that provides software and date to provides easy to understand answers to complex financial questions.

According to SmartAsset, “Median home values in Plano were up 7.87% from 2011 to 2015, and only 0.6% of homes sold for a loss, so sellers in the city are likely to make a profit. However, one downside of the selling process in Plano is that it may take a little while to get a home here off the market. Our data shows that homes in Plano sit on the market for an average of 50 days.”

Other Texas locations that made the list are: Grand Prairie, Irving, McKinney and Dallas. According to their data, SmartAsset says Texas and Colorado are the best states to be selling in as they claimed nine of the 10 spots.

Read more information about the study here.

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