As a former Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse employee, I was a little sad, but also excited to learn that Fourteen Eighteen has come under new ownership and has been given a new purpose beyond serving awesome coffee. Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse, founded by Melissa Owen, is known for a dedication to the quality of what’s served and to being a common community hang out. The drinks–especially the signature Purple Haze, the Kick Ass White Chocolate and the seasonal Christmas Cookie Latte–all have that quirky element of fun that sets Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse apart in an otherwise nearly-barren coffee market. Other than Fourteen Eighteen, Plano is mostly populated with Starbucks. Everything at Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse is top notch and locally sourced. The coffee is from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and if a shot isn’t perfect, it isn’t served. The pies are by Emporium Pies.

It’s been a staple in Downtown Plano since its opening in 2013. If asked to identify a “type” of customer, I couldn’t. Regulars came from all over: Businessmen who worked in the area, policemen and firemen from the station down the street, families after some sort of sweet treat and smoothies, teenagers out of school, college students studying … Fourteen Eighteen attracts them all.

Now, Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse has come under new ownership with a new purpose. It was purchased on September 18 by Reaching International, a nonprofit organization that recently moved its headquarters to Plano. Now, all proceeds will fund Reaching International’s national and international programs, which include church construction, the creation of fresh water wells and food distribution.

Fourteen Eighteen has three goals: Providing coffee, community and compassion. Fourteen Eighteen has been a well known community gathering spot, a legacy that will continue and now there’s even more of a reason to stop in, since every dollar will go towards bettering lives here and overseas, thanks to Reaching International.

Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse


  • Monday-Friday | 7 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Saturday | 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Sunday | Closed

Where: 1418 K. Ave., Plano 75074

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