Leslie Storms is a local yoga enthusiast whose yoga pose photo won her the City of Plano’s monthly #lovePlano Instagram contest in August 2015. Because she’s so naturally zen, we asked her a few questions about what she does.

Tell me about the photo that won the contest.

This photo was taken on a beautiful springtime afternoon as the sun was gently setting. There is a special place I love to catch the sun at Plano Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway.  

leslie storms yoga plano
The winning photo

How did you discover yoga?
I discovered yoga in Plano at a studio called Plano Connection, located at Spring Creek Parkway and Coit Road. I first began because I thought it would help alleviate some of the low back pain I was experiencing at the time, due to weight training and running.

Is there a type of yoga you specialize in?
Yes, but I have tried various disciplines of yoga: Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara, Dharma yoga…. I specialize in the Ashtanga yoga method.

What’s your favorite story or experience you’ve had with yoga?
That moment when a student realizes that their body is capable of far more than he or she imagined. This experience creates a shift within the practitioner, and they begin to devote themselves more deeply to the practice. It is as if these subtle awakenings create an opening for the student to expand beyond the body into the fullness of their being (body, mind and spirit).

What’s your yoga studio of choice?
I do a home practice, but I have been known to sneak away to Pranaa in the past.

leslie storms yoga plano

What are your tips for beginners?
Realize there are countless types of yoga each one offering a little different flavor, so please take time to explore what is available. Realize that not all yoga is about “relaxing” some forms of yoga have the ability to challenge your body in unbelievable ways. And lastly, experiment with studios and teachers. If you devote your energies toward discovering a teacher with whom you feel a deep connection, you will potentially expand more quickly.

Have you ever tried aerial yoga? Would you?
I have always wanted to try aerial yoga…when can we go? I think aerial yoga would be so much fun!

See more of Leslie’s awesome work on Twitter, Instagram or her website, lesliestorms.net.

leslie storms yoga plano