Following the horrific events that took place in Dallas, Ashley Manley, the daughter of a Dallas Police Officer founded Family in Focus and has organized a series of free photo shoots for Police Officers and their families.

“My father has been a Dallas Police Officer for 30 years and following the tragedy I went searching for a picture of my family with my Father in uniform to show my support and love for Dallas PD. The most recent one was over 9 years old. This got me thinking that that was probably the case for most of these officers and their families.” Explained Ashley to Plano Profile.

She started the initiative in Dallas, enlisting the help of local professional photographers. “In just a week an a half I was able to contact enough photographers as well as businesses and vendors to make the event an amazing experience for these brave men and women.”

Born and raised in Plano, Ashley decided to repeat the event in Plano. “I wanted to share this gift with the officers that serve my own community. Our community is amazing and so supportive. I am proud to call Plano my home!”

This week Family in Focus is at the Rooftop Event Spot (at 1000 E. 14th St., Ste. 400, Plano, Texas 75024) 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All Police Officers and their families are invited, there is no cost to participate and you do not need to register in advance. 

Rebecca Silvestri

Rebecca Silvestri is the vice president of Sales & Marketing. She is also the wife of Philip Silvestri, publisher of Local Profile. In a previous life, Rebecca was a math teacher in London and the...