Take a step back in time at the Heritage Farmstead Museum. That’s right, this week’s Explore Plano challenges highlight the historic Plano landmark. This museum is a living history site interpreting the 19th and early 20th century Texas Blackland Prairie region in North Texas. If you love history and animals then you’ll love the challenges below.

Visit the old Farrell Wilson house by attending the Docent Guided House Tour. You can also embark on a self-guided adventure around the 4.5 acre estate. The Farrell house was built in 1889 and it still stands on the property of the museum. Learn about its Farrell-owned beginnings to its time as the home of the world-renowned sheep breeder, Ammie Wilson. You’ll also learn what living conditions and work was like generations ago.

Of course your trip to the farmstead wouldn’t be compete without getting to see some farm animals. Stop by and say hi to Poncho the donkey and the pigs, Hamlet and Wilson. Don’t be chicken to check out the chicken pen. The Heritage Farmstead has a ton of animals to pet which is a blast for anyone at any age. And remember, if you don’t have photo evidence then it never happened, so be sure to get a selfie with the animals while you’re there.

Admission to the museum ranges from $3-7 dollars and the hours of operation are Tuesdays through Sundays from10 a.m. until 4 p.m. You can learn more about the Heritage Farmstead Museum by visiting Heritagefarmstead.org. Share your experience with us on social media by using hashtag #exploreplano. As we wrap up Explore Plano, we thank you for participating and hope it has added a little excitement to your summer. We encourage you to continue to explore, experience and learn more about the City of Plano.

Todd Rice

Todd Rice is the Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the City of Plano. He has been working in municipal marketing and media relations since 2013. He grew up in Dallas, TX and attended the...