Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. partnered once again to give homeless children all around North Texas two awesome days at Hawaiian Falls water park this summer.

Stream Cares is the philanthropic program of the Dallas-based energy company Stream, who, together with local non-profit Hope Supply Co., held what was the fourth annual Splash for Hope. Stream Cares pledged $6,000 to the event and there were two fun, splashy days in the pool: July 19 at Hawaiian Falls at The Colony and August 2 at Hawaiian Falls at Mansfield.

More than 1,000 homeless children were able to attend for a day of fun with Splash Cares volunteers, and each child was given a pair of flip-flops, a hat and a nutritious picnic lunch. Visit Hope Supply Co. or Stream Cares to find out more about Splash for Hope.

About Stream Energy and Stream Cares

Stream Energy sells energy by word of mouth. By creating a unique position in a crowded marketplace, Stream has quickly becoming the largest direct selling energy company in the world.  Through Stream Cares, Stream donates to their local communities and various charities as a way to give back. They also have a partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers.

About Hope Supply Co

Hope Supply Co. was founded in 1989 as The Hope Foundation for the Homeless and served as a clearinghouse of donated resources for the homeless. It used to be called Captain Hope’s Kids and today is the only local agency that exclusively provides critical supplies such as diapers, clothing, school supplies, toys and programs to homeless children.