There are lots of amazing nonprofits in Collin County. Among them, The Turning Point is unique and has been serving North Texas for 30 years.

The Turning Point is the only rape crisis center in Collin County. Offering a chance for hope and change, the Turning Point mission is simple: “To deliver the highest quality of comprehensive treatment services for survivors of all forms of sexual violence and to set the standard for prevention education that promotes social change to end bullying, sexual harassment and sexual violence.” The Turning Point is dedicated to helping our community, serving with patience, compassion and courage. Their ongoing projects include work with PISD schools to educate kids on bullying prevention, therapy, a 24-hour crisis hotline and much more. Their services are free of charge.

The Turning Point is amazing because of the sheer amount of help they offer to people in need. Their advocacy programs can assist people in times of crisis, with hospital accompaniment and even with legal advocacy. There is a mobile nursing team available and counseling services offered at no cost to the client. Their therapists provide group and individual therapy and services are also available for friends and loved ones.

Focused on healing mentally and physically from the trauma of rape, one of their successful and innovative programs is their Yoga program. Established in 2012 based on research from David Emerson, Elizabeth Hopper and Bessel A. Van der Kolk, it’s designed to be sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors. The classes are facilitated by Anna Zapata, a registered yoga instructor as well as a licensed professional counselor intern. The yoga classes are there to help survivors of sexual violence. Their success lies in increasing awareness, mindfulness, and compassion for self and others.

According to Zapata, “research regarding how trauma is stored in the physical body continues to emerge, implicating the use for yoga in trauma therapy. Through providing a yoga class designed to meet the needs of sexual violence survivors, we hope to offer clients a safe space to practice emotional tolerance and present moment awareness.”

Healing through yoga classes are held every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. It is not necessary to have yoga experience, but students must be seeing a counselor concurrently. If you would like more information, contact Anna at The Turning Point.

The Turning Point exists to serve those in need of help, serving a brave and vital function in the community and offering compassionate advocacy to those in need of it. To get involved, learn more or donate to The Turning Point, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or visit