It is a truth universally acknowledged that a good book is even better when shared with a friend…and with tea and scones at a Jane Austen book club.

Okay, so Jane Austen may not be for everyone (sad, but true). You might be more of a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies kind of reader. But whatever your interests, a good book club is well worth your time. It makes you read differently. You are not merely consuming a book; you are savoring it.

I was very lucky that a friend of a friend invited me into a Jane Austen book club. Not everyone is so fortunate, so I looked up some of the most popular book clubs in Plano. There are genre groups, tiara groups, and best-seller groups—something for everyone. Find your literary tribe right here in Plano, and let us know here at Plano Profile what you are reading. (In case you were wondering, I’m getting ready to dive into Mansfield Park!)

Plano Public Libraries
The Plano Public Libraries organize and host numerous book club meetings throughout the year. There are four active groups that meet on a monthly basis. If you like reading mysteries, the Third Thursday Mystery group regularly meets at Davis Library. If you are a what’s-buzzy kind of reader, you’ll love the reading list for the Brown Bag Book Club (definitely read Girl Waits with Gun, even if you can’t make the meeting in September!). There’s also the Second Tuesday and What Are You Reading Now? book clubs.

For more information, the books clubs and their meeting schedules can be found at is always a great place to check when you’re in the market for a book club. Many of the groups span the DFW metroplex, but check out the individual group pages for local meetings.

Plano Great Books Group boasts a reading list of classic and contemporary world literature. FreshFiction regularly organizes groups in Plano with author call-ins. (Note: some of these groups require a small fee for appetizers and table reservations).

If none of these groups catch your eye, consider starting your own. Make digital media work for you. Start a group on Facebook, or consider setting up an account on

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble is known for hosting special events and book signings; it’s also a good place to connect with a book club. Definitely check out the calendar of events at your local store. The Barnes & Noble at Creekwalk Village hosts the Mystery Book Group, the Bookworm Ink Book Group, the Richardson Newcomers Book Club, and the Third Thursday Book Group. If you have any questions, drop the group coordinators a line—they are wonderfully helpful!

Misty Jackson-Miller

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