It’s that time of the year again. Summer has officially arrived to drop some sunshine on your downtime. The first few weeks of summer is typically spent trying to figure out what to do with all of your new found freedom from school or in some cases work. Sure, hanging out by the pool or booking a vacation are great but if you’re looking for non-traditional adventure right in your own backyard, then we’ve got the perfect free thing to liven up your summer.

The City of Plano is challenging its citizens of all ages to venture out beyond just the backyard this summer and Explore Plano. You may be wondering, “What is Explore Plano”? If you’re a fan of affordable, fun and great photo ops to fill your social media feed, then you’ll love Explore Plano. Challenges can be found all over Plano, which are sure to provide both entertainment and education. To make it fun for everyone, challenges are divided into youth, teen and adult categories. Examples of some of the challenges that are being offered include signing up for a summer reading program offered by the Plano Public Library System, attending a concert at the new McCall Plaza in Downtown Plano, or even taking a tour of the Plano Police Station! Of course, your friends won’t believe you unless you have proof of your progress, so be sure to share your experiences on social media by using hashtag #ExplorePlano.

Explore Plano is underway now until August 31, so get your map and get started at The City of Plano will be giving away a few prizes along the way through their social media pages, so don’t forget to share your progress with the hashtag #ExplorePlano. Also, sign up to receive the Explore Plano e-news to find out detailed information on upcoming challenges.

Todd Rice

Todd Rice is the Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the City of Plano. He has been working in municipal marketing and media relations since 2013. He grew up in Dallas, TX and attended the...