On May 3, Plano ISD secondary STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers were nominated as finalists for the 2016 TI Innovations in STEM Teaching Awards. Through a grant with the TI Foundation, secondary STEM teachers who exemplify excellence in their field were nominated by their principals for this prestigious award. This year, 20 nominations were received and through a rigorous selection process, the committee chose six finalists. This year, Amy Semifero of Academy High School, Bryan Yee of Plano Senior HS, Laura Spear of Vines HS, Neil Milburn of Plano West HS, Parul Dumka of Williams HS, and Raymond Morton of Hendricks Middle School were invited to the Board of Trustees meeting held at the Plano ISD Administrative Building to be recognized for their great accomplishment and for the announcement of the three award recipients. The TI Innovations STEM Teaching Award for 2016 is given to teachers who demonstrate innovative and creative teaching in STEM subject matters.

This year the awardees are: Bryan Yee, Laura Spear, and Raymond Morton. Each of these three recipients received a $10,000 award, $5,000 of which goes to classroom enhancement and the rest for personal development opportunities. Congratulations to all finalists on their great accomplishment and to the 2016 recipients of the TI Innovations STEM Teaching Award recipients. Thank you to the Texas Instruments Foundation for their ongoing support and dedication to teacher enhancement opportunities in our school district.

Bryan yee, laura spear, and raymond morton

Yeong Park

Yeong is a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a degree in Marketing. He currently interns for Plano ISD Education Foundation as a social media intern. He has a passion for marketing and...