ten 20 gallery entrance

Ten 20 Gallery opened last night with a several hour-long event! Here’s my take on the night…

Before I even walked in, I was welcomed by the large logo light projection that screamed TEN 20 GALLERY on the building’s exterior, and again by people smiling and saying hello (they didn’t work for Ten 20; they were just happy to be there).

The long and somewhat narrow building was setup as I had hoped. The rustic chic brick walls were filled with eclectic artworks from over 20 artists; the room was filled with positive energy by community art supporters and artists of all ages. Literally, the gallery was packed. It was great to see so many dedicated art fans coming together for this special opening.

Jorg Fercher with one of his pieces

I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Wesley (Supreme Dream Photography) and Jörg Fercher (Jörg’s Cafe Vienna), two of the men behind the brilliant idea of Ten 20 Gallery. The third partner was there as well, Jeff Bergus (Lockhart Smokehouse). Jörg  even showed some of his own photography at the opening event.

It was just as much a pleasure meeting several of the artists whose work also hung on the walls of Ten 20. They spoke to me a bit about what inspired them to create art and keep creating and the mediums used in their current hanging pieces. “I have a daughter, a full-time job, [and other commitments], so I don’t have as much time to paint as I wish I had,” said Holly Stipe who had one piece about 6′ x 8′ on display. “I saw the gallery was opening and spoke to Jörg, and he said to create something and I can showcase it. So, I created this piece within a few days.”

I asked painter Kelly Steller Hrad what she used to have her painting project an inch or so from the canvas. “I used different sources, like medicine droppers,” Kelly began explaining, “but I can’t give all my secrets away.” Touché, Kelly. I completely understand.

Three local artists from left to right: Mark White, Kiki Winters, Douglas Winters

An influx of guests joined the art party, at least 200–300. It was great to see everyone mingling with other art lovers and enjoy their choice of complimentary red and white wines and small apps and desserts.

I spoke to some artists who sold pieces at the evening’s event. Their faces—priceless. Many of the artists expressed a similar excitement in the fact that they’re thrilled to have a gallery in their backyard, so they don’t have to venture to Dallas and other local cities.

Overall, a wonderful art-filled night with great company and meeting lots of new people! Thank you, Jörg, Jeff and Ken. 

Some of the featured artists:

  • Jörg Fercher
  • Jim Gaither
  • Toni Martin
  • Lailani Mekeel
  • Reyon Nurse
  • Kelly Steller Hrad
  • Holly Stipe
  • Steve Uriegas
  • Mark White
  • Douglas E. Winters III
  • Kiki Curry Winters

For more information about Ten 20 Gallery, visit facebook.com/20TenGallery.

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