Here Peggy Consolver is the president of Plano Garden Club, a doting grandmother, and author of Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer, tells us about her recently published book.

I published a book—by Peggy Consolver

Michael Hyatt, former president of Thomas Nelson Publishing, said there are over a million unpublished manuscripts in attics all over the U.S. My book could have been one of them.

My first grandchild at age 3 searched the pictures in a book to “read” the story. At seven she was so excited about reading she immediately wanted to be an author and write a book someday.

Well, I said the same thing when I was her age. Having just had a brush with breast cancer, I decided if I was going to write a book, I’d better get started!

I became fascinated by a little known people group mentioned in Joshua 9 & 10, the Gibeonites. They are mentioned not at all before that event and only once thereafter, four hundred years later.

Little by little characters took shape. And the setting became clearer, but I said to my husband, “If I really write this book, maybe I should go there.” And voila! He booked us on an archaeological dig at Gibeon in the Palestinian West Bank.

I spent time in the pottery tent helping analyze the shards deemed worthy of study…And I felt like I was looking into the heart and mind of a Late Bronze Age potter, three thousand four hundred years ago. For me, it was a deeply personal connection when I examined his work with a magnifying glass to determine the materials he had used and the degree of skill and diligence he had employed.

Unpublished, the book was a finalist in the Genesis Book Contest of American Christian Fiction Writers in 2014.

Recently published by The Carpenter’s Son Publishers, I am now learning the ropes of marketing and self-promotion. According to my consultants, I am doing far better than the national average in this age of upheaval in the publishing industry.

I’ve said to my friends who have supported me and encouraged me in the writing process, “Please don’t hate me now that I am a book salesman.”

Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer

A thirteen-year-old shepherd boy experiences the adventure he dreamed of when he rescues the unloved son of a despicable king. But when rumors of the Hebrews become reality, his family has to choose. Flee with the stampede of refugees or stay and take a stand? As a spy for Gibeon on a lonely crag above the Hebrew horde, the enemy looms ever more foreboding when they cross an impossibly flooded river and shout to bring down an impregnable walled city. Gibeon is next. Can his people avoid sure destruction? At what price?

Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer is available at book stores and at
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